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 We at Theology Of the Soul© (TOS) educate and train individuals and groups, from anywhere in the world, on realities and principles of True Psychology© & Lasting Healing Psychology© (LHP) utilizing the LHP Method© uncovered and developed by our founder, L K Miller, in order that all of humanity may learn how to receive Lasting Healing for all types of psychological struggles and suffering: including, but not limited to, all harmful psychological emotions and feelings, psychological disorders, addictions (vices), gender and attraction confusion, and emotional trauma. 
The objectively true psychological principles and methods of True Psychology, Lasting Healing Psychology and the LHP Method are founded in Thomistic Philosophy and Moral Theology, basic tenets of REBT, and Contemplation, by utilizing one's interior spiritual life in the process of working toward sanctification to receive lasting healing from all psychological problems regardless of individual diversity or circumstances.

After a Theology Of the Soul Psychology Institute event in March of 2020, we at TOS received an email from one of our attendees on 7/19/20
who had been taking Prozac since 1994.
She writes:
"Just wanted to let you know that I've been working with a local psychiatrist and have dropped to 40 mg of Prozac per day from 60 mg per day. I had also started the 10 Steps to Lasting Healing, and I'm doing incredibly well! I'll meet with the doctor again at the end of this month, and hope to then to drop to 20 mg of Prozac per day. I didn't want to make changes to medication without a doctor being involved. I do believe that I'll eventually come off the medication altogether. In the meantime, I'll keep you posted with my progress."
On 7/31/20 she wrote us again, "Saw the doctor on Tuesday, and I've now dropped to 20 mg/day for 14 days then (drum roll please) nothing!!! I'm through with Prozac!!!!!! I'll go back for follow up on 9/1/20. I did tell the doc that my progress was due to my faith and he told me that he was certain that our spirituality played a major role in healing!!!"
We received another email two years later on 11/20/22,
"As of today, I am still free of anti-depressant medication."

~ Linda McGalliard, Morganton, North Carolina, USA

The Way to Lasting Healing...One Truth, Love, and Virtue at a Time!

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A Message from our Founder, L K Miller:

I have always been a problem solver and have never accepted that there is "no solution".  Throughout my university education, beginning in 1990, every time we were told "Relapse is inevitable." or "There is no permanent solution." or "There is no permanent healing.", or "You're born with it and will have it for the rest of your life."...I REFUSED to accept this.  I thought, "That is hopelessness!", "Why would I become a Psychologist if we can't help anyone get healed?"  If you are a professional in the fields of psychology or psychiatry and you feel the same way and want to better help your clients, then this is Divine Providence.

I have spent my short life thus far searching for how to truly and consistently meet "the greatest needs of mankind"; i.e. Love, Peace, Contentment, Fulfillment, and freedom from harmful emotional suffering, including lasting healing for all psychological disorders, especially because of the suffering that existed within myself and my own families.   

As a college student, I spent the first 10 years of my young adult life (from 19 to 29) finding NO lasting healing solutions from any: adults, professors, media, or the psychology and psychiatry fields, until one day at the age of 29, I was finally open to looking elsewhere, finally open to trying something "new", and finally open to learning the ways that I was wrong and harming myself.  And THAT is when I was correctly shown how we ALL can work to obtain the real: Love, Peace, Contentment, Fulfillment, and freedom from harmful psychological suffering, including The Way to Lasting Healing for all emotional struggles, psychological disorders; mental disturbances, including all addictions (vices), all forms of disordered attractions and gender confusion, and emotional trauma.

Before the epiphanies began and light bulbs started turning on, I, like everyone else, was using all material means, many vices, and any human I came into contact with, in trying to stop and prevent my existing emotional suffering and trying to avoid suffering even more. I have "been there", "done that", “bought the T-shirt” and “road the ride”.  What many of you (not all) are experiencing or have experienced, I have too in some way.  Until I was almost 30 years old, I was looking almost everywhere for help, from other people to vices, and from self-help to psychotherapy sessions, in trying to stop the suffering, meet our most important psychological needs, and fill the void inside of myself.  I have been formally studying Psychology since 1990, and professionally practicing it since 2002.  I have learned what does and does not work.  I have already done the work for you.  I have already trialed and errored and by the Grace of God have come through it with the answers and solutions to The Way to Lasting Healing. 

If you would like for yourself and/or others to learn the way to meet your needs for: Love, Peace, Contentment, Fulfillment, and freedom from your harmful emotional suffering, would like to prevent more harmful emotional suffering from happening, and have finally decided that you have suffered enough,...and are now finally open to looking elsewhere and trying something "new"; open to recognizing how we all harm ourselves and learn how to stop causing yourself suffering, then I welcome you to Theology Of the Soul Psychology Institute (TOS), True Psychology and Lasting Healing Psychology through the LHP Method: 10 Steps to Lasting Healing.  

There is NO instant gratification, no entertainment, no human being, no medication, no material means by which we can meet our needs for: Love, Peace, Contentment, Fulfillment, and freedom from harmful emotional suffering, including Lasting Healing of all psychological struggles, suffering, and disorders; aka mental disturbances, including all addictions (vices), all forms of disordered attractions and gender confusion, and emotional trauma.  Everything good in life is a process.  And all good processes take varying time and effort.  How much time and effort we put into anything is how much benefit we will get out of it.  So, if you are looking for an effortless quick fix, you will fail to meet your needs.  If you are finally done doing and supporting the same things over and over again that are not working and ready to try something "new" that I guarantee you have never tried before in this way, then you're in the right place.  Learn and try True Psychology and the Lasting Healing Psychology, (LHP Method); for you have nothing to lose but your unhappiness and emotional suffering. 

I look forward to helping you and/or those whom you help and instruct, learn the way to meeting your needs for: Love, Peace, Contentment, Fulfillment, and freedom from harmful emotional suffering, including the lasting healing of all psychological struggles, suffering, and disorders; mental disturbances (aka "mental illness"), including all addictions (vices), all forms of disordered attractions and gender confusion, and emotional trauma.
Know that I am already praying and sacrificing for you.

Through the Love of Christ,
L K Miller

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"One cannot take the methods and conclusions of one science and apply them indiscriminately to another science."
"Each has its own method and is entitled to that method."
“Every particular science has its own domain; its own method.” 
“And a good thinker will not allow the methods and the categories and the theories to overflow into other domains.”
- Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen,
(Television Series, “Life is Worth Living”, Episode, “How to Think”, 1955)
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