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Monday, June 5, 2023

The REAL reasons we feel bad when not experiencing a physical good. (aka why your depression or any other psychological disorder will NOT be healed by only changing your food diet)

The average person instinctively knows that when we do / receive something physically pleasurable through our senses, that we want and like, we feel good / happy as long as the physical experience lasts, whether the physical pleasure be a food or drink, an orgasm, physical comfort, physical affection, a chemical substance, or entertainment / fun / play in all forms: auditory, visual, tactile, etc.

Notice how we have to "want" it and "like" it, otherwise we don't feel physically and emotionally good at all. Whether we want and like something or not is psychologically freely chosen with our intellect and free will of our Soul.

When we are not receiving one or more of the physical goods that we want and like, as human beings who have a plethora of freely chosen psychological intellectual false: expectations, beliefs, and thoughts about what that means, including but not limited to, the belief that "it is a harmful loss to not have what I want when I want it", these false expectations, beliefs, and thoughts make us have any number of bad psychological emotions and feelings, which we project and blame onto the material physical absence.

Next we freely choose to wrongly concluded; i.e. choose to believe that we "need" the material physical good in order to emotionally feel good and stop emotionally feeling bad. This is a basis for Idolatry.

Eventually even the material physical "good" isn't enough of an enjoyment in order to distract us from our bad psychological emotions and feelings because they are all caused by our freely chosen false beliefs, unrealistic expectations, irrational thoughts, and bad wants/desires, wrong likes and dislikes and distorted attractions that we have been freely choosing for our entire lives...all of which we believe are true and/or we lack the self-awareness to know we chose them in the past and they still exist in our intellects unknowingly.

But because we refuse to 1) rightly blame ourselves for all of our bad psychological emotions and feelings, 2) want and search for the Truth, from Truth Himself, on what the real cause and solutions are to our bad psychological emotions and feelings, and 3) seek from Truth Himself when, how, and why we are wrong in our chosen: thoughts, beliefs, expectations, wants/desires, likes, dislikes, and attractions, we continue to do the same thing over and over again expecting different results making ourselves more and more psychologically dysfunctional; i.e. insane.  Psychological dysfunction IS moral dysfunction.

We know we are trying to distract ourselves and feel as good as possible and stop feeling bad as often as possible. The problem is that we don't want to learn and believe the Truth about how we are freely choosing to make ourselves psychologically / emotionally feel bad and learn and practice the only solution to permanent stop feeling them. And no amount of material enjoyment, distraction, or self-talk is going to stop it.  For a material physical good cannot fulfill an intellectual absence.

Every moment of our lives that we have an experience that we believe is bad, whether this is objectively true or not, we add and increase more and more bad psychological emotions and feelings inside our intellect of our Soul from all our freely chosen: bad, wrong, irrational, dysfunctional, etc.: thoughts, beliefs, expectations, wants/desires, likes, dislikes, and what we are attracted to, which we refuse to properly become self-aware of, repent of, and ask for the Truth/Love/Virtues to replace.

To learn the solution to all of this, invite Lara Katherine to speak or set up a private appointment by contacting her at contact@theologyofthesoul.org.

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