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How We Got to #MeToo

How We Got to #MeToo

Friday, March 9, 2018

20 Reasons that make us all part of the problem.

Both individual men and women across the country were appalled when back around March of 2017, an unknown number of Marines were caught “allegedly” posting on social media, hundreds of nude photos of women whom they worked with.  And again “everyone” was appalled about the sexual harassment scandal within the Hollywood film and TV industry that began to make headlines around October of 2017.

While those throughout the Entertainment Industry and the Military "claim" that they "don't support these behaviors", they have not and continue to do nothing to fight and protest against either the nudity or sexual behaviors in eterntainment films, programming and other media, nor the pornography industries of Play Boy, Penthouse, Hustler, GQ, and Sports Illustrated, etc. 

And what about all of the strip clubs (falsely called “Gentlemen’s Clubs”), Sex Shops with porn and “peep shows”, Chippendale performances, and Hooters Restaurants throughout the country that so called “respected” men and women frequent. 

In the case of The Marine Corps, many people were only appalled because of how the photos were obtained and that they were not obtained nor posted with the permission of the woman, NOT that the nudity was actually posted.

With these kinds of bad attitudes and justifications of “when” and “how” pornography can be created, used, and posted, among other rationalizations rampant throughout our immoral “do whatever feels good” culture, what do we all expect?  

Hollywood and other Entertainment Industries and the majority of its actors are the biggest supporters and producers of pornography / nudity / sexual media in all: types, degrees, places, and times.  Just make note of how, many of the women shamelessly “dress” for the “red carpet” and their magazine interview photo shoots.  And all of the militarys are some of the biggest supporters of pornography within their camps...and always have been. Men in charge of the soldiers allow and even set up tents of pornography movies and videos for any of the men to come in and watch. 

And what do we, every Joe and Jane American expect if we think pornography is "okay" to do and to use in the privacy of one's own home?  It is a fantasy, a contradiction, and hypocrisy to think that this is acceptable BUT other forms and uses are not.  For there is no such thing as drawing a rationalized flexible imaginary line between when something is moral verses immoral about a behavior that is always: objectifying a human being as a selfish using means to a selfish using end, regardless of to what degree, when, and why you are choosing to be on either end of the selfish using spectrum.

And “no”, there is no difference in using pornography privately or publicly in the media; location doesn’t change what it is.  And “no”, there is no difference in fantasizing in your mind verses publishing it in any form of the media, because the selfish using and objectifying of a human person doesn’t stop simply because of: where, when, how, and to what degree the selfish using occurs.

To lust; i.e. selfishly use another person's body as an object for instant gratification or use your own body as an object for instant gratification, is the basis and reason for all and any type or degree of pornography.  So what makes you think that men who don’t care about obeying God related to the complete respect due to women, are going to try not to selfishly use and not treat women as objects and try not to think disrespectfully about women and not speak disrespectfully to women,…when on top of it we are creating, doing, and/or supporting and failing to protest, the selfish using and objectification of women through pornography / nudity / sexual behaviors in the media both privately and/or publicly?

If you ever want to help all men to stop sexually: using, abusing, molesting, harassing; a.k.a. disrespecting women, then you better start publicly disavowing pornography in all of its types and degrees of nudity and sexual behavior in all forms of the media in public or private.  And stop being part of the problem by dressing immodestly in order to sexually attract men, and try to make men think about sex in order to sell yourself or any other product.

It is a psychological fact that NO human being stays the same; we are either growing more virtuous or becoming more vile, slowly and unknowingly, and we are all influenced by everything that we are exposed to.  There are real psychological differences between the 2 genders (male and female).  If a male even begins to listen to, watch, or use any media with nudity or sexual behaviors in any degree and in any form for the purpose of entertainment or to become aroused, then he will automatically start: selfishly using, objectifying, and disrespecting women in his Soul: Intellect (mind) and Free Will.  And if he does not stop, this will lead to him choosing to do these behaviors in the exterior form and interiorly become an addiction. 

When we choose to listen to, watch, or use any media with nudity or sexual behaviors in any degree and in any form, as entertainment or rationalized as "educational" while being used to create sexual arousal, then we are: supporting and encouraging the selfish using as objects; disrespect of women and men, we are using what IS pornography in some degree, and we are supporting and encouraging the behaviors that will end up becoming “pornography addiction” in men, if not completely stopped.

Could the objectifying/disrespecting and sexual harassment and molestation of women be in some way our fault too?  If we are not part of the solution, we are part of the problem.  Which of the following categories do you fit in if any?

1.     Those who create pornography / nudity / sexual behaviors, in any degree or type of media: written or visual or auditory (music) format.

2.     Those who use any degree of nudity or use the subject of sex in order to sell any product, including themselves.

3.     Those who purchase products from any company that uses nudity or the subject of sex in order to sell the product.

4.     Those who are actors in pornography of any degree or type, including advertising.

5.     Those who are actors performing any degree of nudity or sexual behavior in any entertainment: film, video, program, or print media, or advertising.

6.     Those who when propositioned by someone to do something sexual in exchange for career or financial benefits, agree and do what the person wants.

7.     Those who when threatened by someone to not be helped in some way unless a sexual behavior is performed, agree and give the person what he or she wants.

8.     Those who proposition, threaten, or manipulate others in order to try to use them in a sexual manner.

9.     Those who buy or watch any form of entertainment media that has “some degree” or “scene” of nudity or sexual behavior in it in any form or degree.

10.  Those who participate in the creation or promotion of any form of entertainment media that has "some degree" or "scene" of nudity or sexual behavior in it in any form or degree.

11.  Those who dress immodestly in order to “look sexy” and attract the attention of men.

12.  Those who have ever worked for or owned a: strip club, sex shop, or Hooters restaurant in any capacity.

13.  Those who use pornography in any degree or type.

14.  Those who won’t disagree with pornography and believe, “as long as they don’t harm anyone” or “as long as it’s consensual”.

15.  Those who agree with pornography and support it “in private” or “as a married couple”.

16.  Those who rationalize that nudity / sexual behaviors in the media, in many “degrees”, is not pornography.

17.  Those who wear on the beach or at the pool, less than a full one piece bathing suit that covers well all of your butt and breasts also, and rationalize that as acceptable.

18.  Those who get drunk or high around others whom they either do not know and/or cannot trust.

19.  Those who take advantage of selfishly using others when they are not sober.

20.  Those who fail to disagree with or protest pornography / nudity / sexual behaviors in the media, when publicly given the opportunity to do so.

If you think the media exposed situations of sexual harassment and other forms of disrespect of women throughout the Entertainment Industry and The Military are scandalous, then stop being part of the problem of supporting and encouraging and/or producing any form, type, or degree of treating women and men as objects to be selfishly used; a.k.a. pornography / nudity / sexual behaviors in the media.  

Protest and don’t buy from any company who uses nudity and sexual insinuations in any degree in the media, including in advertising billboards in metropolitan areas that you look at as you pass.  Start protesting, protect your family, and stop watching or listening to the: Music, TV, Movie, Internet, and Print entertainment and advertizing media that exhibits any degree of nudity and sexual insinuations.

Women, regardless of your age or size, stop dressing immodestly exposing any part of your breasts or wearing: transparent “exposing your bra” tops, miniskirts, or skin tight clothing; especially that go up the crack of your butt, (all of which I even see every weekend in church).  And the majority of bathing suits?! You women are encouraging men to selfishly use you and treat you like an object / disrespect you and you are encouraging men to want to use pornography when you dress immodesty.

I used to be part of the problem in the majority of ways.  As a result, I have both disrespected many men and I have experienced the gambit of disrespect from many men.  I have lived it and learned these lessons the hard way.  I used to be one of those in many of the 20 categories listed above, which all began by me being sat in front of and exposed to TV Soap Operas daily from in my mother’s womb to the age of 6. 

Exposing innocent children of any age to any type of media where women and men are selfishly using each other, including, but not limited to being viewed and treated as sexual objects, needs to end.  Please stop supporting and instead start protesting what leads to encouraging men to sexually selfishly use, objectify, and disrespect women, and encouraging women to allow it…and lets all help lead the men, women, and children whom we love into the loving purity of respect for self and respect for others instead.


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