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Innocent Suffering

Innocent Suffering

Sunday, October 30, 2022

Lies: "Suffering is a mystery." "Suffering is who we are."

[Image by Estefano Burmistrov from Pixabay]

Why does "pain and suffering" exist for the "innocent"?

1) Because of the free will of humans and evil spirits to do wrong to others.

2) God cannot prevent anyone from freely choosing to do wrong, or we wouldn't be free; we'd be robots.

3) All have fallen short of perfection and justice must exist.

4) No one can practice Love; be a Loving person without experiencing pain and suffering, and being loving to those who wrong them.

5) In order to compensate for the times of our own rejection of Truth+Love+Virtues (whether past, present, or future is irrelevant).

6) It makes us less culpable (but still responsible) for why we reject Truth+Love+Virtues (aka sin) and thereby makes us worthy of more Mercy.

7) To have opportunities to sacrifice to compensate for others rejection of Truth+Love+Virtues (aka sin), which is the most Loving thing we can do for others.

8) Pain and suffering are natural consequences resulting from our multiple detailed interior and exterior false and wrong acts that we and others are unaware of.

9) Pain and suffering are a signal there is a problem that needs to be solved, so we learn and set boundaries to stop harming ourselves and enabling others.

"God what do you want me to know / learn, change interiorly, and do exteriorly?"

10) Pain and suffering is the only way we can learn what is right and true from what is wrong and false.

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