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Insecure Truth

Insecure Truth

Saturday, July 3, 2021

Want to stop feeling INSECURE?? Take the priority off yourself...and put your focus on treating others with kindness. [Image by John Hain @ Pixabay]

Insecurity is Not solely nor primarily about hating ourselves, for we cannot love ourselves enough in order to stop ourselves from being and feeling insecure, because Love doesn't originate from ourselves nor any other person.

The only way to stop being and feeling insecure is to stop focusing on ourselves and trying to feel good about ourselves (especially in comparison to anyone or anything else), and start focusing on and making our priority about learning how and being loving to others.

That's crazy, you say? This kind of response proves you've never even tested and thought about the idea; but rather only believe  what you've been taught about the lies of self-esteem by modern (false) psychology.

Next time you encounter other people, regardless of what you are doing, and suddenly you become self-aware that you start feeling insecure (self-conscious) because you start worrying about what they think or feel about you, choose to start thinking about giving love to that other person and do so. Did you stop feeling insecure in that moment? Did you stop worrying about what they thought or felt about you?

There are so called professional cognitive behavioral psychologists who will say, well of course that will work, because you only need to change your focus to change how you feel.

One Truth doesn't negate another. Changing your focus is Not the only thing happening and is insufficient. You have to change your focus to an objective good that is NOT ABOUT YOURSELF!!

Insecurity IS self-centeredness, which is selfishness. No one can feel good about themselves, love themselves, not feel insecure... and be self-centered; i.e. selfish at the same time.

Insecure people are not pitiable. We have been taught by the insecure people, that insecure people are helpless victims and that they just need more love in order to stop feeling insecure; they just need more love in order to love themselves. 

This is completely false, because they are already being given ALL the love they need from their Creator, while the insecure person is blocking experiencing His love by being selfish, because in order to feel Loved, one has to have and put into practice Truth and Love from the original source of Truth-Love Himself, which they are blocking and rejecting by their pride, selfishness, and fears, whether they know and understand what they are doing or not. Meanwhile, the insecure person pridefully thinks he or she is right about all their perspectives and attitudes on themselves and others and fails to properly check all of their perspectives and attitudes with Jesus Christ.

Bottom Line...Insecurity is the sinful: pride, selfishness (self-centered & selfish using), and resulting fears instead of the priority of being loving toward others and receiving the Love of God.

It's your free will to choose.

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