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It Never Ends!

It Never Ends!

Thursday, October 6, 2022

Why does Correct Addiction Treatment NEVER end?!

Why does correct addiction treatment never end?

NOT because you have the addiction for the rest of your life!

If your addiction treatment is correct and you obey it, you will receive Lasting Healing for your addiction and never suffer from your addiction again. (the time it takes depends on the time and effort you put into it).

Correct Addiction Treatment never ends, because of what an addiction really is. See also,

What is a Vice?

What is an Addiction Really?!

Your addiction is your idolatry of choosing anything material, including misusing or abusing your physical body and selfishly using other human beings, to try to make yourself feel better and distract yourself from feeling bad, rather than going to Truth+Love+Virtues Himself to replace in you what you are doing with your immaterial intellect and free will, to harm yourself and make yourself feel bad that is the absence of Truth+Love+Virtues in what you:

think, believe, expect, want/desire, like, dislike, are attracted to, and all the bad emotions and feelings that this list causes inside of you.

Some of those addictions are objectively neutral, or good and necessary, you are simply misusing and abusing them.

Some of those addictions are objectively evil and harmful, and you need to avoid them completely forever.

We have to work all day every day in order to want, learn, choose, be, and live Truth+Love+Virtues, whether we think we have an addiction or not. ["10 Steps to Lasting Healing"]

Addiction "Treatment" is a Life-Style Process, NOT an end in itself.

This is why Correct Addiction Treatment Never Ends!

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