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Love Letter to Feminists

Love Letter to Feminists

Monday, January 23, 2023

The Apology

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Dear Feminists,

I want to tell you the Truth you will not hear in the news.  What even those men and women who say they're on your side don't know or won't tell you. 

For they are the ones who create the media, falsely teaching your only choices are: men hating, lesbianism, or having gender dysphoria.

And even making men pay for the cow will not stop them from trying to get the milk for free. For sex, just like money, will never buy Love for you or me.

But where I really want to begin is by apologizing, for all the times as a little girl you were treated inferiorly by the very least other's patronizing.

I am sorry if you watched your father selfishly use your mother, as a means to an end only for sex, the preparation of food, or raising of children.

I am sorry if you had a boundariless mother, criticizing your father, you and your brothers, while being just as prideful, selfish using and controlling as others.

I'm sorry if you heard men speak demonic lies, "men are more intelligent than women", and "women should only be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen", they would pridefully whine.

However no one's an innocent victim, it's all learned behavior from the each generation. We either choose to reject it, or believe and assimilate it in freely chosen imitation.

Both you, and the chauvinists misusing Ephesians 5, and even those men standing equally by your side, are still carrying "mommy and daddy wounds" deep down inside.

Wounds each one of us projects onto each other, our situations, the cat or dog, as well as God the Father.  Which with arrogant pride is why we won't listen to and prayerfully consider another's good advice. 

These learned behaviors and wounds are of which we all need to be freed, as taught by Theology Of the Soul's True Psychology and the 10 Steps to Lasting Healing.

But too many don't want good advice or to hear what others have to say, for by using each other everyone's unavoidable failure is perfect fodder, to have a scapegoat to blame.

Accepting when the prideful reject Truth, is a sacrifice we all need to make, with the hope that sooner or later all will turn to Jesus Christ in order to be saved.

For there is only one Savior; nothing like the sinfulness of men. Remember this to stop projecting those you've known onto Him, whereby rejecting Him just like them.

Too many men project themselves onto Our Lord, fool thinking they're just like Him, for a false sense of superiority and to justify their sins. 

These men too don't know God's Love, so have none to give, while believing they know it all just like their mothers and fathers before them.

No man can save himself or you from feeling unloved and alone, but you already knew that down deep. So why do you imitate the biggest jerk you've known, whom you hypocritically hate to see?

You can't save yourself either, no matter how hard you try, because the demons who said you could, whispered to you a lie. 

You're right that allowing men to selfishly use and control you is wrong, but you acting just like them won't make you strong. It will only make you as evil and no better off in the long run.

Nor will becoming a lesbian satisfy, for women are only half the likeness of Our Lord on high. 

For both men and women are created by God equally in His image and likeness, whom He Loves beyond our understanding. God is both masculine and feminine completeness, as He was, is, and will be for all time everlasting.

Even so, we can't become androgynous, the opposite gender, or binary. Because we were assigned to be either chromosomally male or female, even before our conception and in the sonogram sighting.

Whether coming together as friends, or as husband and wife in matrimony, being different genders unites us like the One Who Is Whole, be it for us in less than perfect harmony.

Having problems with Religion or the representation of God as masculine? God knows the pridefulness of men; if He didn't become man rather than woman they may 've never followed Him.

So what's the solution, if not to avoid men all together?  The secret is forgiveness and charitable boundaries Jesus had me learn through imperfect authors also needing a lecture.

At first others might not like it, get angrier and manipulate oh so clever. But if you stick to proper boundaries they'll either choose to convert or suffer just consequences forever.

Rejecting and hating men will not stop them from being unloving to you or me. Both genders can only find the love, fulfillment, and true happiness in Christ Jesus that we need.

For a way to a man's heart is NOT through his stomach, wallet, or groin, as the old jokes say. Repeated Forgiveness, Acceptance of reality, and Charitable Boundaries from us women, are our greatest keys!

Love, Blessings, and Healing to all Feminists, 

Signed, L K Miller, the Thomistic Therapist.

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