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Problem Solve!

Problem Solve!

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

The 7 Stages of Personal Problem Solving

[Image by Chen from Pixabay]

Stage 1  Asking God daily to show you all of your personal problems.

Stage 2  Recognizing & accepting the problem as YOUR problem.

Stage 3  Repenting to God of all details of your problem.

Stage 4  Asking God to show you why & how you are causing your problem.

Stage 5  Asking God to teach you how to correctly solve your problem.

Stage 6  Waiting & actively listening to God daily; how to solve your problem.

Stage 7  Daily practicing the solution to your problem.

Do 1 - 7 daily in order to be healthy enough to correctly help others with their problems.

What you are responsible for and can control is your problem. Ask God daily to show you what you are responsible for, what you can control, & how to control it. Everything else is not your problem.

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