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Riding the Psychotic Horse Toward the Burning Stable

Riding the Psychotic Horse Toward the Burning Stable

Monday, July 18, 2022

Now I've seen it all!

Modern Psychology and Psychiatry are The Irrational Leading the Irrational straight to greater dysfunction!

We don't need any more Psychobabble labels...Our list of psychological disorders; aka sins; aka absence of Truth+Love+Virtues, in all their plethora of details that we need to work to stop choosing, is long enough.

Instead of telling you how to stop choosing and become permanently healed of the disordered; aka sinful behavior; aka absence of Truth+Love+Virtues, in all the thousands and thousands of ways we choose it on a daily basis,...Modern Psychology and Psychiatry call it a syndrome, illness, or disease, give you venting (complaining) talking "therapy", and throw medication at it to distract you, while telling everyone the contradictions that:

you're born with it,

you can't change,

it's just your brain chemistry,

just be yourself,

if it feels good do it,

happiness is whatever you want it to be,

do it your way,

do whatever you want as long as it doesn't physically harm you or others,

you can think it to be it, and

if you are positive enough you can make anything happen and have anything you want.

Because Modern Psychology and Psychiatry has almost NO TRUTH+LOVE on anything Psychological!

The Blind Leading the Blind right into The Pit of Despair!

Stop Following Them...

...and Follow the "10 Steps to Lasting Healing" with Jesus Christ instead!

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