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Self-Mutilation Explained

Self-Mutilation Explained

Sunday, November 27, 2022

(aka psycho-pathological self-harm)

[Image by Muhammad Syafrani from Pixabay]

Why and how physical harm to the body temporarily stops the psychological emotional suffering is fascinating.

It is because everything psychological, including psychological emotional suffering, is of our intellect and free will of our Soul, which is NOT our body. 

Therefore, when we physically harm ourselves, our intellect, which is of our soul, is temporarily distracted from all its thoughts, beliefs, expectations, wants/desires, likes, dislikes, and attractions that are causing the psychological emotions and feelings, (aka depression, mania, anxiety, panic, paranoia, bipolar, etc.) and becomes solely focused on the physical pain that is being inflicted on the body. 

This is why it has become popular for many people with depression to get many tattoos. 

Aquinas talks about this from the opposite direction in his Summa. 

As Augustine states and Aquinas quotes, "the body feels not but the soul through the body". 

For this reason, when we are intensely focused (with our intellect), which is only of our Soul, on something that we particularly enjoy, then our intellect is distracted from thinking about the physical suffering and therefore the experience of physical suffering becomes greatly "minimized" to a tolerable level or we stop "feeling" it completely, even though the physical suffering is still objectively there. 

This is also why and how we can have both psychosomatic physical suffering, and we can psychologically increase our physical suffering experience through fear of it and other false beliefs about the particular suffering and suffering in general.

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