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Thursday, December 22, 2022

Why failing to stay sober is a grave sin.

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My favorite alcoholic beverage is Pinot Noir.  I particularly like the brand, Mark West due to its affordability while maintaining a very good flavor.

That being said, to choose to do something that inhibits the proper or best use of our intellect and free will, is an abuse and misuse of them, which impedes us from making 100% rational charitable decisions, which is harmful to ourselves and how we interact with others. 

Therefore, lack of sobriety is a grave sin of omission against charity.

The noun, "Inhibition", according to The The American HeritageĀ® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition, December, 2022, is:

"The act of inhibiting or the state of being inhibited. Something that restrains, blocks, or suppresses. Conscious or unconscious restraint of a behavioral process, desire, or impulse."

Inhibition, in one sense of the word, is when we choose with our intellect and free will of our soul to not engage in what is the absence of Truth/Love/Virtues be it interiorly intellectually and exteriorly physically, when we have a tendency and/or desire to.

When we are not sober, we do not have full self-control use of our intellect and free will of our immaterial Soul, which is a misuse of our intellect and free will.

The reason we are "uninhibited" when we are not sober, is because the chemical, (along with the demonic influence who takes advantage of us failing to being sober), hinders the brain, which in turn hinders our proper use of our intellect and free will of our Soul, (the lesser can hinder the greater so saith Dr. St. Thomas Aquinas), to think about and choose what is True, Loving/ and Virtuous and reject what is false, unloving/unvirtuous.

When we are not sober, our brain and by its hindering extension our intellect and free will of our Soul, are clouded and we cannot be fully present to present reality, thereby making us automatically rejecting of the presence of The Divine and His Will.

When we are sober, we automatically think about; i.e. care about, potential consequences to our actions, at least for exterior acts...and at the same we are more open to and receptive to the True/Loving/Virtuous influence of The Divine, Who is always in present reality with us.

When we are not sober, we have "no fear" of potential consequences either imagined or real.  Unfortunately, fear of suffering consequences, is the primary prideful selfish way we make all of our decisions, because we truly don't primarily care about doing what is True, Right,Good, Loving, and Virtuous for the sake of God, ourselves, and others...and this being a sinful way of making decisions, so saith St Augustine, is still better, i.e. less sinful, than choosing what is false, unloving/unvirtuous.

"And, indeed, this is already sin, to desire those things which the law of God forbids, and to abstain from them through fear of punishment, not through love of righteousness." -Dr. St. Augustine of Hippo

Even if we do try to make all of our decisions based on what is True, Right, Good, Loving, and Virtuous because they are such, this is still typically because we know they will make us feel good or we will receive some future reward, while we are trying to avoid feeling bad; i.e. avoiding suffering, as our primary goal.  As naturally good as this is, it is not Holiness; i.e. imitation of The Divine.

"Be sober and watch: because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, goeth about seeking whom he may devour." 1 Peter 5:8 Douay-Rheims

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