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The Big Fantasy!

The Big Fantasy!

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Will you believe in anything that supports you to think, "I'm right."?

People will want to believe in the existence of ghosts and zombies, but not real demons who are harming us and obsessing us.

People will want to believe in the existence of fairies, but not real angles who will assist and help protect us.

People will want to believe in trees possessing spiritual souls that think, but not in us human beings having a spiritual soul that makes us capable of thinking.

People will want to believe in the existence of a spiritual energy force that gives them good feelings, intuition and esp powers, but not a real God who created us and Loves us.

People will want to believe in magic and "think it to be it", but not the healing power of God for all psychological disorders and addictions; which are themselves unloving/unvirtuous.

People will want to believe in a book written by men that tells them what to do as if it's their "final authority of Truth free from error", but not believe in a Religious authority of Divinely appointed group of men Divinely protected from error.

People will want to believe in the existence of anything that they THINK doesn't disagree with them: being attracted to, liking, disliking, wanting , expecting, believing, thinking, feeling, saying, and doing whatever they want (regardless if it is loving/virtuous and truthful or not).

Because people ignorantly lie to themselves that "getting my way" and "anything that feels good to me in the moment" and "anything that agrees with what I already believe", is what makes me feel happy.

"Oh I'm happy!", we lie while we have to continue to use our bad coping distractions (vices/addictions) of: noise, psychotropic medications, cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, junk food, over eating, selfish using sex, masturbation, pornography, gambling, bars/nightclubs, music, TV, movies, video games, and other entertainment media...and any other human or material distraction, to prevent silence and prevent self-awareness of our emotional suffering we are constantly creating inside of ourselves, so we can keep thinking we're right about blaming everything and everyone but ourselves for our feelings and keep lying to ourselves that we are still right.

Until we have suffered enough, to where our "bad coping distractions" don't distract us anymore from our self-inflicted emotional suffering...and finally our fantasy world will end.

And only then, will we want to know the Truth of how to become Truly Happy.  When you're ready to learn all the ways you are wrong that are harming you, I'll be waiting to hear from you at katherine@theologyofthesoul.org.

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