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The Big Scam!

The Big Scam!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Same LIE different day!

For decades and decades throughout the world, but especially within the United States, people have been repeatedly trying to sell the same old Fake Psychology message just in different packaging…Using all kinds of new names and marketing in order to “try” to look original like: "The Tapping Solution Foundation", "Power of your Identity", "Neurogym", "Avatar”, "The Secret", "The Forum", "Mind Control", etc.

The age old message is that you have the power in side of your own mind to simply change the way you: see yourself, think about yourself, and feel about yourself…and the world around you…and this is all you need in order to feel good about yourself and be successful in life.

That you can simply, through thought repetition, permanently change the way you think and feel about yourself, others, and the world around you.

This is the oldest BIG SCAM in the history of mankind, that has and continues to fool millions of Americans and others throughout the world, for which they pay up to thousands of dollars.  And it is a COMPLETE LIE that will never work.

How do I know this?

I am a Psychologist and Professional Spiritual Director.  And back when I was 19 years old, while in college, I became depressed, suicidal, anxious, insecure, and began cutting, and was using every material and human coping available in order to try and make myself feel better.  I bought into this BIG SCAM, after reading the book “Mind Control”; that all I had to do was to start making myself think differently through repetition of positive beliefs (“affirmations” as they are called), and then I could talk and think myself out of my depression, anxiety, and insecurity, and into confidence and happiness forever. 

And I actually believed that it worked, simply because I stopped feeling depressed...but only for about 9 years.  But the fact is that I never stopped doing any of the “self-medicating”: substances and media (smoking, getting high, drinking, music, movies) and selfish using of human beings (sex, attention seeking, partying) because THOSE were the only things that were keeping me distracted from living in the reality of my real pathetic level of emotional and relational functioning.

I may have been able to socially and financially function and party well, but when alone I was emotionally suffering.  And in objective reality I had little: objective moral Truth and little virtue.  I had no wisdom, no humility, no patience, no generosity, no peace, no interior fulfillment, no real confidence, and no real self-control. 

And anyone who says that they do have these, from just talking themselves into it, is lying to themselves and to you. 

Take away their: distractions, attention, substances, media, partying, money, etc…and permanently take them off psychotropic meds and sit them alone in silence for 3 days sober and with nothing to do but be with themselves, and I guarantee you, they will get a rude awakening reality check very quickly on how emotionally psychologically low functioning they really are.

In addition, I still felt lonely, never wanted to be alone, nor in silence. I was still insecure and feared the opinions and feelings of others and being rejected. I was still suffering from childhood trauma and the memories of those who had ever treated me badly.

And you may think or say, well, that’s only your experience, I’m not you, and I will be successful using this “think it to be it” technique. 

Go right ahead and waste another 10 years of your life and learn the hard way just as I did.  Go ahead and be as arrogant and stubborn as I was and waste your money, and come back to me when you realize that nothing has changed inside of you, your addictions are the same or worse, and you still have NO interior peace.

Why doesn’t this “think method” work?

Because we are not gods who can control reality.  We are not gods who can permanently insert Truth and Love into our intellect/soul, because the Truth and Love has to be permanently given to us by the originator of Truth and Love Himself, with whom we have to cooperate correctly in order to receive. 

Of course, yes, as long as we are “thinking” a positive thought, it is temporarily helpful as a distraction, but notice the key words "temporarily" and "distraction". 

AND, even though we can think about good and positive things any time we want, we CANNOT and WILL NEVER, with only our own power of our intellect, be able to REMOVE the negative / bad / false: beliefs, thoughts, wants, desires, expectations, and attractions…that live inside of our intellect...that ARE contradicting and interfering with any good / positive / True things that we want to believe and may be thinking about at any moment....because we are NOT and NEVER will be THAT powerful to permanently remove them.

But just because we cannot do so of our own power alone, doesn't mean it cannot be done in the right way.

Any second of the day or night that we are not 100% focused on the good / positive / True, THAT is when the bad / negative / false…that is still inside of us, is going to affect us…because we have yet to do what is absolutely necessary in order to have them permanently removed; i.e. healed.

And being permanently healed is another thing that we CANNOT control.  Why?  Because again, we are not gods.  We do NOT have this kind of power.  We have to learn how to and cooperate correctly with God who is the only one who can permanently heal the bad / false inside of our intellect.

And what is bad / false in our: beliefs, thoughts, wants, desires, expectations, attractions, and emotions, is also always the absence of Love.  And Love does NOT originate from us nor other human beings either. 

Since there has to be one or the other, false/unloving or truth/loving, we cannot have a "void of nothing", therefore the originator of Love Himself has to give us His Love and Truth to replace what is bad / false inside of our intellects.

So WHY are we all so easily fooled by THE BIG SCAM, of "think it = be it"...because we want to be in control of everything that we cannot be, we want to be our own god, we don’t want to accept when we are wrong, we don’t want to be told what to do; we don’t want any real authority, we don’t want to serve, we don’t want to stop doing whatever the hell we want to do and be, we don’t want to stop our “fun” bad coping (while believing the lie that we can't live without it). 

We want it all our way or the highway.  But unfortunately, “our way” is what leads to our private Emotional Hell. 

But you think, I already have God and I still am not getting anything permanently healed; I'm still insecure and suffering from depression or anxiety or an addiction, etc. 

It doesn't matter how Christian or Catholic you "think" you are.  Just because you "think" you know God and you "think" you are cooperating with God, never makes it reality. 

Just like "thinking" yourself into how you want to feel and be doesn't work, neither does only "thinking" that you are cooperating with God.

What have you done to search for the Truth of ALL the ways that  you are failing to know God and are failing to cooperate with Him?  Do you even want to know?

Let me know when you have suffered enough and are ready to stop buying into the THE BIG SCAM. 

I’ll be waiting and praying for you.

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