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The Chicken Or the Egg?

The Chicken Or the Egg?

Friday, December 23, 2022

Which comes first, the Soul or the brain?

[Image by Alfred Lerner from Pixabay]

God breaths each human Soul with the intellect and free will, into the human zygote cell at conception. Obviously there is no existing brain at this time. The Soul is primary to and the form and animator of the entire human body.

The biggest conscientious objection presented against the True Psychology of Lasting Healing Psychology is that it is too all or nothing about the spiritual/psychological and neglects the [assumed] physical biological causes as contributing factors of psychological disorders, addictions, et. al.

Being that the correct definitions of psychology and psychiatry from the Greek and the Latin are the study and healing of the Soul, which is the intellect (mind) and free will to choose, which does not use a corporal organ to function (i.e. functions without the brain/body) and is primary to, the form of, and the animator of the brain/body, (so saith Dr. St. Thomas Aquinas)...And all psychological disorders are abstract irrational intellectual acts (which includes a long list of emotions and feelings), all of which brute animals with only a brain and biological instincts cannot have, because the human intellect is only of the Soul, which is NOT located in any particular organ, but rather the form of the entire body...the objection is illogical from the start.

"Some of the powers of the soul are in it according as it exceeds the entire capacity of the body, namely the intellect and the will; whence these powers are not said to be in any part of the body." ~Dr. St. Thomas Aquinas

"Now the human soul is the highest and noblest of forms. Wherefore it excels corporeal matter in its power by the fact that it has an operation and a power in which corporeal matter has no share whatever. This power is called the intellect." ~Dr. St. Thomas Aquinas

So even though the intellectual Soul receives information through the body: the senses with the brain in order to learn about concrete concepts and the material physical world, the intellectual Soul does not in that same manner as LSD affecting the brain and body, learn abstract immaterial intellectual irrationalities (lies/falsehoods/vices/unvirtuousness), which are the absence of the rational abstract immaterial intellectual absolute Truths/Love/Virtues.  Abstract immaterial intellectual irrationalities ARE what IS any and all Psychological Disorders primarily and principally, as they are the basis and primary reason for any and all psychological diagnostic labels, including Schizophrenia and Bipolar of all types, as well as being apart from any sensory and imagination hallucinations so called.

This is even more evident with Bipolar, which is in degrees and can be with or without Psychotic Features, because Bipolar is primarily and only a disorder of the abstract immaterial intellectual psychological feelings of Depression and Mania, both of which are psychologically established to be absolutely caused by the abstract immaterial intellectual freely chosen: thoughts, beliefs, expectations, wants/desires, likes, dislikes, and attractions of the person, making them all morally qualifiable.  See:

What is a Psychological Disorder Really?

Therefore if one psychological disorder that is absolutely proven to be solely of the intellectual Soul, can also have sensory and imagination hallucinations, hallucinations of which I have both experienced, and tested and observed in another to be caused by demons (see link below), then it stands to reason that the psychological disorder Schizophrenia has the same causes.  To read my both professional and personal experience with psychological hallucinations see:

The Time I was Possessed by a Demon

And because it is an objective scientific fact that brute animals do not and cannot have any psychological disorders, including Schizophrenia or Bipolar of all types, this is even more proof that the primary cause of them is NOT biological as the difference between us and brute animals is the human immaterial intellectual Psyche/Soul.

The latest justification for the objection was, when a person takes LSD, the LSD causes sensory hallucinations, this is deemed by many as proof there is a primarily biological cause of psychological psychosis.  It needs be said, that this conscientious objector also believes that sensory hallucinations can be demonically caused, just not regarding those as part of a chemical induced hallucination or as part of any psychological disorder, addiction, et. al., which is the current popular philosophical belief among the medical and theological communities, because it is what has been popularly taught by those who subscribe to relativism and secularism. 

Just like when all the educated used to believe the world was flat, following the popular established published academic narrative without direct discernment with The Divine is standard procedure.  Which today also includes many other erroneous psychological beliefs.  To see many of those lies see:

The TOP 12

When someone is labeled with a psychological disorder, typically such as, but not limited to, Schizophrenia or Bipolar with Psychotic Features, it is not only or primarily because the person has sensory hallucinations, but primarily because she or he has other abstract irrational intellectual behaviors, both interior (including psychological emotions and feelings) and exterior human behaviors, while taking absolutely no mind altering chemicals. 

The only possible physical/biological factors in regards to hindering the intellect and free will of those labeled with Schizophrenia and Bipolar, are the person's neurotransmitters of their brain and their genetic DNA, of which there is NO gene for psychological disorders, addictions, et. al.  And there is NO exterior mind altering chemical in the equation.

Therefore, If LSD affecting the brain's chemical neurotransmitters causes sensory hallucinations, how can someone who is NOT taking any mind altering chemicals, but is still periodically having sensory hallucinations, be said that it is their brain chemistry neurotransmitters that are primarily causing the hallucinations?

The dysfunctional psychological/spiritual freely chosen intellectual factors that exist with one who has a psychological disorder, addiction/vice, distorted attraction, or gender confusion, with or without sensory hallucinations are:

1) the person's abstract irrational intellectual acts of: thoughts, beliefs, expectations, wants/desires, likes, dislikes, and attractions, and their resulting abstract emotions and feelings, of which paranoia, anxiety, depression, and mania are included. 

2) one or more demons that are tempting, and obsessing (oppressing) or mildly possessing the person.  Demons regularly frequently speak lies telepathically to all human beings, which is a form of what is called "Temptation", be it that we typically mistake them for our own thoughts, which is exactly what the demon tries to mimic. 

Any person can hear a demon tell them to do absolutely anything that is irrational/dysfunctional, including but not limited to: to cut themselves, to kill themselves, to kill someone else, to sit at a traffic light until they are told to move, to sleep in the car outside of the house for no good reason, to drive their car into oncoming traffic to cause an accident, to punch a police officer in the face, to not eat, to not tell anyone else what they are hearing/being told, to stuff entire rolls of toilet paper into the hole in the toilet and keep flushing it, to take off their clothes in public, to smear their feces all over walls, etc.   It needs be said that it is always the human beings free will to choose if he or she obeys what the demon tells him or her.  No blaming allowed.

Since demons aren't stupid or fooled, unlike human beings, and demons don't want anyone to believe they exist, much less know how they speak to human beings, and the demon's goal is to get human beings to obey them thereby disobeying God, including wanting the person to harm themselves and others, the demon would only tell an emotionally suffering person (even if the human thinks it's an angel or God they are obeying) to do irrational; aka "insane" behaviors, when the demon believes that the human most likely will obey.

A person taking mind altering chemicals, including psychotropic medications, gives the demon a "cover" with which to be discrete, because prideful and/or ignorant humans will simply scapegoat the drug, the brain, the psychological label, "a blot of mustard wrongly digested", or any and all circumstances, and not want to believe the demonic as being involved at all.  Because if evil spirits exist, then so do good spirits, i.e. God and His angels.

A third occasion in which a demon would tell a human being to do behaviors that harm others and/or themselves, is when the demon is at least mildly possessing the person, so that the human's brain is clouded, which will in turn hinder the human's use of their intellect and free will, including rational judgement, including perspective and attitude on reality, self-awareness, and memory; just as any mind altering drug and psychotropic medication would influence and hinder. 

And why does the demon speaking "sound loud enough" to be recognized as being separate from the human's thoughts, with a person who is either mildly or formally possessed, or labeled with Schizophrenia or Bipolar with psychotic features: loud enough that the human being recognizes that they are "hearing voices" inside their mind, rather than thinking it's their own thoughts?  Because the demon IS inside the human's body in all those cases; be it only mild possession regarding Schizophrenia and Bipolar with psychotic features.

A demon has the power, just like any angel, to make anyone hear, see, smell, etc. anything the demon wants (God allowing), without other human beings being aware of the same experience.  This is the "text book" definition of a "hallucination".

These types of sensory hallucinations can be done by a demon solely exteriorly, without any direct affects on the body, including the brain and senses.  They can also been done by a demon directly affecting the body, brain, and senses, when the demon is inside the person's body, but only when the person is being either mildly or formally possessed by a demon, which the person had to at some point in some way originally freely allow through direct interaction or obedience, be it unknowingly or knowingly.

And when a demon is either mildly or formally possessing a human being (with the human's permission and cooperation whether knowingly or unknowingly), then that demon can cause even more physical experiences, including memory black-outs and physical concrete only emotions and feelings (not abstract psychological ones).  Even John Nash, the famous Mathematician who was diagnosed with Schizophrenia documented having demonic experiences, which were left out of the movie about him.

The person who takes LSD, has both of the dysfunctional psychological/spiritual factors present; both many years of abstract irrational intellectual acts of the Soul and a demon obsessing the person (as do all those people with any addiction/vice or any psychological disorder), before he or she takes the LSD and has the sensory hallucinations. Therefore, to solely blame the biology and brain chemistry for any hallucinations with someone using any mind altering chemical, is to negate all psychological/spiritual factors of the existence and influence of the demonic, as well as the existence and level of functioning of the person's intellect and free will of their immaterial soul.

Up to this point, there has been zero scientific research done controlling for these real psychological/spiritual factors, and it is highly possible that the demon waits until the person takes the LSD before it (the demon) creates either some or all of the so called hallucination(s), either with or without using the LSD to do so.  If you read about or speak with anyone who regularly takes/took any kind of mind altering chemicals, you will learn that the overwhelming majority admit to experiencing demonic/evil spirits when not sober, just as do those persons who are sober with a psychological disorder, with or without being on psychotropic medications, while committing mass murder. 

Why would a demon wait till a person is not sober to show a person things that only they and no one else will see, hear, or smell?  For all of the same reasons already stated. Furthermore, demons want to fool all of us and want all of us to believe lies about everything, especially about their existence, what they do, and how to recognize sin, including the causes of psychological disorders, addictions, et. al.  And any time we choose to not be completely sober, we have automatically given the demon more permission to influence us more and do more harm to us and we have less resistance to the demon's influences or attacks because we have chosen to cloud and hinder our intellect and free will of our Soul and its other powers, by what we have ingested into our brain.  For as Dr. St. Thomas Aquinas states, the lesser [brain] can hinder the greater [intellect and free will of the Soul].

"First of all because the intellect, being a power that does not make use of a corporeal organ, would in no way be hindered in its act through the lesion of a corporeal organ, if for its act there were not required the act of some power that does make use of a corporeal organ. Now sense, imagination and the other powers belonging to the sensitive part, make use of a corporeal organ." ~ Dr. St. Thomas Aquinas

Therefore, trying to use the example of someone taking LSD and then having sensory and imagination hallucinations, to try to prove that those who do not take mind altering chemicals, but see and hear things that others around them do not, which demons can cause, have these hallucinations caused only by the brain chemistry neurotransmitters, is an assumption based on a large leap of faith, with no logical facts to support it.

That being said, I am still more than willing to be open to the possibility that there are two separate categories of sensory and imagination hallucinations,...those that are physical/biological caused in part (at least) by observable physical evidence of real brain damage or an ingested mind altering chemical...and the spiritual/psychological caused by the demonic either interiorly and/or exteriorly for those who are being psychologically labeled, all of whom are either obsessed (oppressed) by a demon, both with and without the ingestion of a mind altering chemical, or are mildly possessed by a demon without the ingestion of a mind altering chemical, such as with those labeled with Schizophrenia and Bipolar with psychotic features.

For example, when a person ingests LSD or even smokes marijuana, a person can have heightened sensory experiences; aka "hallucinations" regarding sense of humor, sight, sound, and/or taste that a person will find pleasant.  In the same manner, a demon can also induce these same types of heightened sensory and imagination experiences both pleasant and unpleasant when a person is under its influence of mild possession, without any mind altering chemicals present, as I have personally experienced in regard to sight and sound.

However, since Schizophrenia and Bipolar with Psychotic Features are only psychological disorders, the primary and only cause for their labeled hallucinations is the spiritual/psychological from being mildly possessed, which in turn causes any secondary "hallucinatory" affects on the brain and senses, as I have also personally experienced.

However, "auditory hallucinations"; aka "hearing voices" from demons are solely the demon directly telepathically speaking to the person, which is "heard" by the person's immaterial intellect of the Soul.  And as the foremost expert on demons, Exorcist Father Chad Ripperger confirmed to me directly, demons DO speak to us interiorly, just like any pure spirit does, including angels.

Psychological hallucinations in those labeled with Schizophrenia or Bipolar with Psychotic Features, are predisposed by many many years of abstract irrational freely chosen intellectual acts of their Soul and thereby cooperating with demons, which leads to psychological hallucinations being demonically caused.  This is also true for those taking LSD, as only a person with some type of already established addiction/vice would choose to take LSD and therefore have in existence, many many years of both a plethora of abstract irrational freely chosen intellect acts of their Soul, and being obsessed (oppressed) by a demon.

Because modern psychology, psychiatry, and all the medical, physiological and biological sciences according to human beings, have philosophically believed and formally taught since the late 1700´s the lies that either there is nothing but the material brain and body as human beings, i.e. we only have the same structural make-up as brute animals and nothing more, or that, we have an immaterial Soul but it is secondary to the brain/body; making the brain/body primary, this makes those who believe and teach these lies non-credible on the subjects of psychology, psychiatry, human behavior, morality, and the demonic.

While the overwhelming majority on all sides, secular and religious, wrongly philosophically believe that the intellect and will is of the brain or needs the brain to function...This is why they make the unfounded assumptive claim that the brain chemistry neurotransmitters are the primary and/or sole cause of things that are rather, objectively freely chosen abstract intellectual acts of emotional feeling, thinking, believing, expecting, wanting/desiring, liking, disliking, being attracted to, etc. of the immaterial Soul. This is why the question, "Which comes first the Soul or the brain?" is most important.

"For the [immaterial] soul is the primary principle of our nourishment, sensation, and local movement; and likewise of our understanding. Therefore this principle by which we primarily understand, whether it be called the intellect or the intellectual soul, is the form of the body. This is the demonstration used by Aristotle (De Anima ii, 2)." ~ Dr. St. Thomas Aquinas

Those in academic power, both outside and within the Church, believe the lie that the brain is the intellect and is primary; i.e. the brain/biology comes first...rather than the Truth that the intellect and free will are only of the immaterial Soul, which is primary to and the form and animator of the brain and body, of which is taught by Dr. St. Thomas Aquinas and the Catholic Church...which even the mass majority of Catholic clergy, theologians, doctors, psychologists, and laity either don't know and don't believe, or contradict with their erroneous beliefs about psychology and psychiatry.

This is why even Catholics, especially psychologists, psychiatrists, clergy, theologians, apologists, and philosophers, make erroneous statements that project freely chosen abstract intellectual acts of thinking, believing, expecting, wanting/desiring, liking, disliking, being attracted to, and emotionally feeling of the free will and intellect of the Soul, onto the brain and claim that the brain is causing them.  This is especially problematic when discussing Moral Theology and how to recognize sin, of which True Psychology is.

Here is a review of how Aquinas designates 4 types of causes for any physical change to occur: https://www.newadvent.org/cathen/03459a.htm

1) Material Cause (meaning the physical substance itself)

2) Formal Cause (meaning the actual change that occurs)

3) Efficient Cause (meaning who or what is acting upon the physical to actively make the change)

4) Final Cause (meaning the spiritual reason / intention, which can also mean, Initial Cause)

An example used is, a cube of wax is molded by the hand into a sphere.

The wax, as permanent substratum of the change of figure, is considered to be the matter, or material cause.

The spherical figure supervening upon that of the cubical, is the induced formal cause.

The molder, or fashioner of the sphere, is the efficient cause.

The final cause is to be sought for in the intention of the molder.

Now, regarding the causes of a dysfunctional psychological change, when psychology and psychiatry only correctly mean the study and healing of the soul, is always immaterial/spiritual: a bad emotion or feeling, a sin, a psychological disorder, an addiction,...all of them being the absence of Truth/Love/Virtues, lets see if we can fit all of the aspects that lead to each, into Dr. St. Thomas Aquinas' four causes structure.

For any bad emotion or feeling, sin, or psychological disorder to be experienced we have the following four aspects involved in psychological change:

1) Human's Senses of the body and brain, are the matter and instrument of the immaterial Soul's intellect (mind) and free will, through which expresses intellectual (includes psychological) information, and from which the immaterial sensory power of the Soul receives the external information, from which the intellect and free will abstract it (verb, abstraction)...(Material Cause)

Many demonic and Divine experiences bypass the senses and telepathically reach the intellect directly. Demons, Angels, God and any human being fully united with Him after the human beings physical death can communicate to us here on earth, interiorly directly to our intellect. So confirms Exorcist Father Chad Ripperger.

2) Human's freely chosen intentions within the intellect (mind) and free will of the immaterial Soul: attractions, likes, dislikes, wants/desires, expectations, beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and external behaviors...(Formal Cause)

3) Human's intellect (mind) and free will of the immaterial Soul, both active and passive...(Efficient Cause)

4) The absolute universal desire to benefit oneself and all the ways we believe lies about it...(Final Cause)

External Experiences, including humans, media, demons, angels, and God, who, depending on if it's a first time experience or not, teach or influence the freely chosen active and passive intellectual states...would be a 5th Cause, I named the (Influential Cause).

"External experiences", even though they do not actively make any changes in us, they could be designated as a "Secondary Efficient Cause", because these are how we learn what we freely choose to imitate in all bad emotions and feelings, sins, and psychological disorders, and the absence of bad emotions and feelings, sins, and psychological disorders, called Truth/Love/Virtues. The problem with making "external experiences" any type of "efficient cause", is that human beings already use them as a scapegoat to blame for all their intellectual free will behavioral choices.

However, "External experiences" also include demons directly: tempting, obsessing, or mildly possessing the human being, thereby causing any psychological hallucinations with or with out mind (both brain and soul's intellect) altering drugs, along with demons directly teaching us irrational intentions (false beliefs/lies) that both are and cause sins, including bad psychological emotions and feelings, psychological disorders, addictions, et. al.

The "external experiences" are also the trigger/catalyst through our senses, for the intentions (Final Cause) of both our passive and active states of our intellect to what we have already chosen to psychologically intellectually think, believe, expect, want/desire, like, dislike, and be attracted to, over our past life time.

The active intellectual state of being is called the "conscious awareness" and the passive intellectual state of being is called the "subconscious", by modern psychology and psychiatry, be them erroneously designated as parts of the brain.

Back at the ranch, the brain and its chemical neurotransmitters being secondary to and animated by the intellect and free will of the Soul, would have to mean that the brain's chemical neurotransmitters or lack there of, are the simultaneous resulting affects of what we are constantly freely choosing to do with our intellect and free will of our Soul, which is the form of, the animator of, and primary to the entire body, including the brain.  Remember, the Soul's intellect and free will function independently of the body and brain; any corporal organ.

To repeat, the explanation of the Soul and its difference from the brain is Aquinas Catholic Church Teaching 101...and until the world, especially Catholics themselves, learns and accepts these Truths about the human person and our psychological functioning...more and more humans will continue to make themselves more and more psychologically disordered and addicted to what is idolatrous; other wise mislabeled, "mental illness" and "mental disease".

Let's take a look at how the brain chemistry neurotransmitters could be affected by the Soul's intellect (mind) and free will to choose.  For as Aquinas states,

"Since the form [Soul] is not for the matter [Body], but rather the matter for the form, we must gather from the form the reason why the matter is such as it is; and not conversely."

Notice how the brain chemistry is neurotransmitters, meaning the material chemicals that transmit (move) "signals" between the material brain cells/neurons, muscle cell, or gland.  Neurotransmitters; i.e. material chemicals that move "signals", are not an actual Truth or a falsehood, which are abstract immaterial intellectual of our Soul; aka psychological.  Neurotransmitters are not a virtue or a vice (an act that is the absence of virtue), which are abstract immaterial intellectual of our Soul; aka psychological.  Neurotransmitters are not any of our rational or irrational abstract immaterial intellectual emotions or abstract immaterial intellectual feelings; aka psychological, which are caused by their coinciding rational or irrational abstract immaterial intellectual thoughts, beliefs, expectations, wants/desires, likes, dislikes, and attractions...all of which human beings intellectually freely choose and brute animals cannot have.  Because brute animals cannot do anything freely immaterially abstract intellectually.

"Since, in order that man may be able to understand all things by means of his intellect, and that his intellect may understand immaterial things and universals, it is sufficient that the intellectual power be not the act of the body." ~ Dr. St. Thomas Aquinas

"Augustine says (Confess. xii, 25): "If we both see that what you say is true, and if we both see that what I say is true, where do we see this, I pray? Neither do I see it in you, nor do you see it in me: but we both see it in the unchangeable truth which is above our minds." Now the unchangeable truth is contained in the eternal types. Therefore the intellectual soul knows all true things in the eternal types."                       ~ Dr. St. Thomas Aquinas

"Incorporeal things, of which there are no phantasms, are known to us by comparison with sensible bodies of which there are phantasms. Thus we understand truth by considering a thing of which we possess the truth; and God, as Dionysius says (Div. Nom. i), we know as cause, by way of excess and by way of remotion. Other incorporeal substances we know, in the present state of life, only by way of remotion or by some comparison to corporeal things.  And, therefore, when we understand something about these things, we need to turn to phantasms of bodies, although there are no phantasms of the things themselves." ~ Dr. St. Thomas Aquinas

To believe and project that an immaterial abstract intellectual falsehood (all that is irrational/illogical) or immaterial abstract intellectual Truth is a material neuron and/or a material chemical neurotransmitter, is illogical; i.e. irrational.

The Divine IS Truth, Love/Virtues, and The Divine is NOT and does NOT become a material chemical neurotransmitter or neuron when He in any way is united with our Soul: intellect (mind) and free will to choose, living in, with, and through us. 

The Divine is the creator of all that is material...The Divine is NOT the material itself that He created.  To believe so, is called the heresy of Pantheism.  It is no surprise that the first person historically given credit in psychiatry for formally teaching and writing that everything psychological is only material/biological, Johann Christian Reil, a German medical physician, was a Free Mason and Pantheist, who followed the writings of the Pantheist Philosopher Schelling.

This would explain why those who irrationally only believe we are only material/biological beings, would only be able to recognize that those who are the most extremely intellectually irrational/illogical of humanity; i.e. those with labeled psychological disorders, addictions, distorted attractions, and gender confusion, et. al., who fail to have a plethora of Truth and Love/Virtues (all three of which can never be separated), also supposedly fail to have sufficient amounts of chemical neurotransmitters, which is their "chemical imbalance theory" cause of psychological disorders, addictions, distorted attractions, and gender confusion, et. al. This theory; i.e. assumption, was only created by those who negate the existence of the human person's immaterial Soul: intellect (mind) and free will. 

If you believe in the existence of our immaterial Soul: intellect (mind) and free will to choose, then why are you believing and agreeing with those who do not?  Because it was what you were taught in college and blindly chose to believe without proper discernment with The Divine, and you are not self-aware enough and humble enough to recognize and admit that you too made a mistake and "drank the red Cool-Aid".

Truth and Love/Virtues are reality, and falsehoods (irrational/illogical) and vices/unvirtuousness are the absence of Truth and Love/Virtues, making them the absence of reality.  Therefore, falsehoods (irrational/illogical) and vices/unvirtuousness cannot create anything.

Therefore, if the "chemical imbalance theory" had any truth to it at all, it would have to be the following...

Our intellect and free will being powers of our immaterial Soul, being primary to, and the form and animator of the entire body and brain, and Truth/Love/Virtues being abstract and immaterial, which only originally come to us from The Divine into the intellect of our immaterial Soul, (whether we believe He exists or not), this would in turn affect the entire body and brain in the making of chemical neurotransmitters and other things our cells need.  And when we reject the Truth/Love/Virtues of The Divine, we would become deficient in the making of chemical neurotransmitters and other things our cells need.  Just as when we become deficient nutritionally when we choose to fail to live a physically healthy lifestyle, which negatively affects all the chemical cells in our body, including the brain, so do we become chemically deficient when we fail to have and live Truth/Love/Virtues.

"for the whole corporeal nature is subject to the soul, and is related to it as its matter and instrument." ~ Dr. St. Thomas Aquinas.

The material chemical neurotransmitters and all cells throughout our body, are NOT the spiritual/psychological abstract Truths/Love/Virtues,...How the material chemical neurotransmitters and all cells throughout our body function, would be affected by us choosing with our intellect and free will of our immaterial Soul to receive/have the spiritual/psychological abstract Truths/Love/Virtues.  And when we don't want and reject the spiritual/psychological abstract immaterial Truths/Love/Virtues of The Divine in many particular ways and degrees, then we would negatively affect our chemical neurotransmitters and other chemicals and cells of the body and brain.

Drugs, including psychotropic pharmaceutical medications, are NOT Truth and Love/Virtues, or healthy nutrients, which is why they will never sufficiently make or regulate chemical neurotransmitters and other things our cells need, which is why they are only a temporary distraction from our psychological abstract intellectual suffering we are causing ourselves to experience as a consequence of the Truth and Love/Virtues that we are freely choosing to reject and therefore lack.  The psychological problems are NOT the brain, the psychological problems are the human being's free will intellectual choices both interior and exterior of the immaterial Soul, all of which are morally qualifiable.

It would be like choosing what we eat....We are only a body and a soul (the brain is the body, and the intellect (mind) and free will are the soul)  Our body, including brain needs healthy food with wholesome carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, etc. in order for our body, including brain to turn those into/make what it needs to be healthy.  And if we choose to put "junk food" into our bodies, then we harm our body, including brain, by giving our body, including brain, what is bad for it.  And if we choose to not eat enough healthy food, we fail to give our body, including brain, enough of what it needs to make and maintain healthy chemical processes for the cells to perform their necessary functions.

Our Soul being the form and animator of every single cell of our body, including the brain, along with the need for healthy food and water, sufficient physical activity, and enough rest and sleep, our body, including the brain, needs our Soul to receive the Truths/Love/Virtues in order to correctly form and animate our body and brain to make and maintain healthy chemical processes for the cells to perform their necessary functions.  When we choose to put abstract immaterial intellectual falsehoods (irrational/illogical), including vices/unvirtuousness into our Soul's intellect, which functions without the use of, is primary to, and the form of and animator of the entire body, including brain, we negatively affect and harm our brain and body, called "psychosomatic illnesses".

This is why there are a plethora of biological illnesses and diseases, so labeled, that are at least in part and sometimes in whole, psycho-somatic (aka symptoms of Soul problems).  This is why all sins both interior and exterior, including all psychological disorders, addictions/vices, distorted attractions, and gender confusion, et. al. have physical symptoms that are only the secondary affects.  These Truths do not negate the Truth that there are strictly biological conditions that can hinder and prevent the partial or full use of our intellect and free will of our immaterial Soul.  However psychological disorders, addictions/vices, distorted attractions, and gender confusion, et. al. are not biological, which is why they have always been called psychological disorders and not biological ones, as psych means the immaterial soul and only the immaterial soul: intellect (mind) and free will to choose. 

To intellectually choose to think, believe, want/desire, like, and feel abstract immaterial intellectual falsehoods (irrational/illogical) and want/desire, like, be attracted to, and feel what is abstractly immaterially intellectually false/wrong/bad, which is part of intellectually choosing to do vices/be unvirtuousness,...are called sins.  The body, including brain, does NOT cause sin, but rather the immaterial Soul: intellect and free will does.

To intellectually choose to think, believe, and feel abstract immaterial intellectual falsehoods (irrational/illogical) and want, like, be attracted to, and feel what is abstract immaterially intellectually false/wrong/bad, which is part of intellectually choosing to do vices/be unvirtuousness...are called psychological disorders and addictions, distorted attractions, and gender confusion, et. al.  Therefore psychological disorders, addictions, distorted attractions, and gender confussion, et. al., cannot be caused by the brain and body, and therefore neither can their associated "hallucinations" of which evil spirits; aka demons are always a primary cause.

Demons do not want us to believe any Truth.

Until enough of humanity wants the Truth/Love/Virtues of True Psychology and Lasting Healing Psychology,...psychological disorders, addictions, distorted attractions, and gender confusion, et. al., will continue to be on the rise.

"One cannot take the methods and conclusions of one science and apply them indiscriminately to another science." "Each has its own method and is entitled to that method." “Every particular science has its own domain; its own method.”  “And a good thinker will not allow the methods and the categories and the theories to overflow into other domains.”         - Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, (Television Series, “Life is Worth Living”, Episode, “How to Think”, 1955)

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