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Why Be Sorry for What You Think and Feel?

Why Be Sorry for What You Think and Feel?

Thursday, September 30, 2021

4 Reasons we need to be sorry for each and every one of our...false; wrong; bad intellectual acts; including emotions and feelings.

First, What is an intellectual act?

Intellectual acts are everything we do with our intellect and free will of our soul.  Our free will can never be separated from our intellect.  Our intellect and free will are two of the powers of our immaterial soul that is not our brain; powers which brute animals (all other mammals) do not have. 

With our intellect and free will we choose what we: think, believe, expect, want/desire, like, dislike, are attracted to...and all of these categories cause how we psychologically emotionally feel.  All of these categories and their specific details are what I call intellectual acts.

Everyone of these categories, including psychological emotions and feelings and every detail within each category, are morally qualifyable; meaning they are either morally right or they are morally wrong...they are either objectively true; right; and good, or objectively false; wrong; bad. 

Even what we humans call "subjective opinions" or "personal tastes" are usually morally qualifyable; especially in relation to our specific reasons why and in relation to the Will of God.  Some simple examples are: "I want to eat healthy." or "I don't want to play video games." are both objectively good and the opposites are objectively bad.  On the other hand, "I like to watch soap operas." and "I dislike organized religion." are objectively wrong; bad and the opposites are objectively good. 

Second, Why do we need to be sorry and sorry to whom?

We need to be sorry for our false; wrong; bad intellectual acts: thoughts, beliefs, expectations, wants/desires, likes, dislikes, attraction, and their resulting emotions and feelings, because we are choosing to harm ourselves. And being sorry for harming ourselves is being truthful and being loving to ourselves.

Regardless of from where we learned or heard any false; wrong; bad: thought, belief, expectation, want/desire, like, dislike, attraction, emotion, or feeling...it is our free will fault that it lives in our intellect of our soul; no matter how old we were or under what circumstances we chose to accept it as true; right; and good to: think, believe, expect, want/desire, like, dislike, be attracted to, or feel what is objectively false; wrong; bad.

Being sorry for the specific ways we have been and are choosing to harm ourselves is the only way we take full responsibility and believe we are at fault for choosing our false; wrong; bad psychological: thoughts, beliefs, expectations, wants/desires, likes, dislikes, attractions, and emotions and feelings.  When we humans are TRULY sorry, it means we believe that: we are at fault, we were wrong "to do" so, and we do not want to keep "doing it"; we want to stop.

When we honestly think, "I'm sorry." in English or "Forgive me." in Spanish, that means we believe "it" is our fault; we are blaming ourselves, we have chosen it, we have done it, we are repentant (we want to change)...this is what needs to happen with all of our false; wrong; bad intellectual acts, including psychological emotions and feelings.

Third, But why do I need to be sorry for my false; wrong; bad psychological emotions and feelings?

Because our psychological emotions and feelings, which are abstract, both right; good and wrong; bad (i.e. harmful), are chosen by our intellect and free will to choose through all the other intellectual acts that we are choosing.

How do we cause; choose our own emotions & feelings? 

For most people, when we have any experience, it can seem like our first interior response is how we feel about what we are experiencing  This is misleading and false.

 We think “X (exterior to me) makes me feel Z (emotion)”

What are we missing between X & Z?  “The Why (Y)?”  Meaning, “Why do I feel Z (emotion)?” 

Our first response is usually blaming something exterior to ourselves.  For example, If you tell me you are feeling anxious and depressed and I asked you, Why are you feeling anxious and depressed?, you might say, "Because my friend is sick." "My friend is sick" is an external fact.  Let me prove that you have not answered my question and are only blaming your feelings on external facts and I will prove in 3 ways how external facts don't cause interior emotions and feelings:

I hear you say the facts that your friend is sick and that you feel anxious and depressed.  What is the reason you feel anxious and depressed THAT your friend is sick?

" I don't want her to be sick and I think she might die." 

1. What type of intellectual acts are, "I don't want her to be sick." and "I think she might die."?

Hint: The answers are in the sentences!

"I don't want her to be sick." is a want/desire; don't want don't desire (I want her to be healthy; not sick.)

"I think she might die." is a thought and/or belief

 2. If you were okay with (accepted) your friend being sick and didn't believe that she would die would you still feel anxious and depressed about this?..."No."

3. Can an object take an emotion or feeling & stick it inside of you?



a sickness does NOT make anyone anxious or depressed

the weather does NOT make anyone anxious or depressed 

Can a person take an emotion or feeling & stick it inside of you? 



your friend being sick cannot make you feel anxious or depressed

your loved one's behaviors cannot make you feel offended / hurt or worried or afraid

A non-exhaustive list of uncharitable emotions and uncharitable spiritual feelings are as follows:

bored, hurt feelings, upset, offended, defensive, distraught, discouraged, disgusted, disappointed, embarrassed, humiliated, lonely, unloved, unaccepted, rejected, betrayed, apathetic, timid, stressed, overwhelmed, worried, scared, afraid, nervous, desperate, anxious, panicked, phobic, horrified, terrified, bugged, annoyed, irritated, frustrated, put-out, peeved, fed-up, pissed-off, mad, angry, vexed, hostile, furious, enraged, rage, impatient, controlling, intolerant, manic, lustful, depressed, despairing, hopeless, feeling helpless, self-pity, suicidal, insecure, envious, jealous, arrogant, self-righteous, hateful, animosity, bitterness, resentment, unforgiving, vengeful, spiteful, etc.

If you think/believe that any one of these emotions or feelings is a good, take any one of the emotions and feelings above and insert it into the following question: "Is feeling ___ being loving?" and "Is feeling ___ being at peace?"

We need to take responsibility for; i.e. blame ourselves for what we choose with our intellect and free will of our immaterial soul; all that we do both interiorly and exteriorly, that either is or is not the absence of Truth+Love.  But we are failing to do so and instead we are blaming others, our brain, and every situation outside of ourselves; which is false; wrong; bad. 

We are automatically choosing to reject Truth/Love/Virtues when we intellectually choose anything that is the absence of Truth/Love/Virtues, which includes any and all of our false; wrong; bad: thoughts, beliefs, expectations, wants/desires, likes, dislikes, attractions, and all the dozens and dozens of different harmful psychological emotions and feelings we cause ourselves through the details we choose in these categories.  

Lack of self-awareness and knowledge of doing this, doesn't negate its existence.  For our free will and intellect of our immaterial Soul is both passive and active.  We do not need to be "self-aware" or understand this process for us to be doing it; it is automatically who we are and how we function as human beings.  Furthermore, to fail to choose what is Truth/Love/Virtues in any given moment, is to automatically reject Truth/Love/Virtues, because to fail to make the right choice is to have automatically made the wrong choice.  There is no such thing as "making no choice".

When we don't take responsibility for any one of our actions, whether interior intellectual or exterior physical, and we are not sorry for the false; wrong; bad ones, that means we believe there is nothing we need to change about ourselves, which means we believe we don't need healing for whatever "it" is.  Therefore NOTHING with ourselves will change and we will keep emotionally suffering and gradually become worse whether we are aware of this or not.  Which leads us to the next question and reason we need to be sorry...

Fourth, Why do we need to be sorry to God in order to receive Lasting Healing?

Truth/Love/Virtues does not originate from human beings or anything on this planet.  This is easily proven by the following 7 facts:

1. No human has all the Truth about everything (if you think you do, I can assure you that you are the only one who thinks so; just ask your adult friends and family members and they will tell you that you don't)

2. No human always has and always gives Love to others (and if you think you do, I can assure you that you are the only one who thinks so; just ask your adult friends and family members and they will tell you that you don't)

3. All humans are born not knowing most Truth.

4. Truth exists whether any one human knows the Truth or not, or agrees with the Truth or not.

5. Love exists whether any one human is loving or not.

6. If Truth and Love originated from us, we would have all the Truth all the time without needing to learn it and we would always Love ourselves and always be loving all the time to both ourselves and all others.

7. Truth/Love/Virtues are an intellectual abstract immaterial Entity. 

Therefore, logically Truth/Love/Virtues has to come from an intellectually intelligent Entity greater than ourselves.  Therefore, Truth/Love/Virtues IS "God".  Therefore, God is the only original source of all Truth/Love/Virtues. 

Whether interiorly intellectually or exteriorly physically, each and every time for every detail that we have chosen the absence of Truth/Love/Virtues, both interiorly in our intellectual acts and exteriorly in our physical acts, both directly and indirectly (what we fail to choose that is Truth/Love/Virtues), both passively and actively, we are rejecting God who IS Truth/Love/Virtues. 

Truth/Love/Virtues, being morally qualifyable is the absence of immoral false/unloving/vices/unvirtuousness; i.e. there is no void.  There is never nothing; there is no neutral with us and we never stay the same. We are always either progressing to have more Truth/Love/Virtues or we are regressing and losing what Truth/Love/Virtues we used to have and thereby becoming more false/unloving/vices/unvirtuousness.  We cannot have Truth/Love/Virtues; i.e. want Truth/Love/Virutes, recognize Truth/Love/Virtues, accept Truth/Love/Virtues, choose Truth/Love/Virtues, and live Truth/Love/Virtues; i.e. put Truth/Love into practice, without the help of The Divine.  Why?  Because to be able to do any of this list IS Truth/Loving/Virtuous of Whom The Divine IS.

Explained in another way, once we have chosen to reject Truth/Love/Virtues in any detailed way, either interiorly intellectually and/or exteriorly, we cannot, of our own power, change and receive the Truth/Love/Virtues (including Virtues) needed to replace the absence of Truth/Love/Virtues we have chosen.  But why can we not, by ourselves, have the Truth/Love/Virtues needed whenever we want, to replace the absence of Truth/Love/Virtues we have chosen?  Because we cannot take and obtain what is not ours to control without doing what is correct and necessary to receive "it".  What does this mean? 

When we don't know / don't have any particular Truth and Love (particular Virtue, we cannot just take that Truth/Love/Virtue that is not ours to take from He Who IS Truth/Love/Virtues.  WE ARE NOT THE ORIGINAL SOURCE OF TRUTH/LOVE/VIRTUES!  Truth/Love/Virtues does not come from us or another human being (and will never come from any brute animal) until, we are given Truth/Love/Virtues by God Who IS Truth/Love/Virtues.  This is why we do NOT have the "power" inside of us!  We do NOT deserve Truth/Love/Virtues and we are NOT owed Truth/Love/Virtues.  We have to treat God in objectively right; good ways if we want something from Him; just as we want to be treated.  Not because God needs this, but rather because God does NOT and will NOT enable and reinforce uncharitable and false interior and exterior behaviors/acts.  Unlike we wrongly do.  And God knows every interior and exterior uncharitable and false behavior/act that you have and do even when you are ignorant and lacking in self-awareness.

If you don't want Truth/Love/Virtues directly from He Who IS Truth/Love/Virtues, then you obviously cannot have them!  You can squeeze a turnip all day trying to get blood from it, but it is not going to happen.  You can think you are and have Truth/Love/Virtues in any particular way, but that doesn't make you right.  You can call yourself a carrot, but that does not make you a carrot.  You can creatively invent who YOU want God to be, but if you don't believe the reality of Who He is, you are NOT going to get your way from Him, and if your way is wrong and false (whether you know this or not) you're still not going to get your way.  If you think you know more than anyone else on the subject of God; including Truth/Love/Virtues, without having facts outside of your beliefs to prove it, then you are a blind fool.

We have to want Truth/Love/Virtues from the Real God directly (not our invented fantasy of who we create "god" to be; i.e. we are our own "god"), be sorry to God for rejecting Him; i.e. rejecting the Truth/Love/Virtues in each and every detailed way that we are choosing to reject the Truth/Love/Virtues of Him (that means we have to ask Him daily to make us self-aware of each and every way), ask Him respectfully (not demand it) for Him to give us His Truth/Love/Virtues in general and in the specific details to replace each and every detailed absence of Truth/Love/Virtues that we have ever intellectually chosen and are continuing to choose. 

All day every day throughout our lives we have intellectually chosen hundreds of thousands of details of the absence of Truth/Love/Virtues (if we are teenagers or adults, the older we are the more we have chosen).  Therefore it takes years of daily work for us to correctly cooperate with this process of change. 

And how many human beings want to believe that they do NOT have the Truth/Love/Virtues in hundreds of thousands of particular details?!  How many human beings want to humbly go directly to the Real God and ask Him for Truth/Love/Virtues, and cooperate with Him in the correct ways to receive the Truth/Love/Virtues in the hundreds of thousands of particular details that we are lacking?!  THE MAJORITY!!! 

Do you?

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