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Why do we...Persecute Ourselves?

Why do we...Persecute Ourselves?

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Theology Of the Soul True Psychology 101

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"Holy Spirit please help me to understand what I am about to read, and show me where my perspectives and understandings are in error."


All human beings are conceived with the immaterial immortal powers of an intellect and free will to choose, called the intellectual Soul.

(also called "rational soul", "rational" specifically meaning "ability to reason", not "rational" meaning "right", "logical", or "reasonable", for we can choose to be "irrational", meaning "wrong", "illogical", and "unreasonable", while brute animals, plants, and other material objects cannot do any of these things.)

All things being equal, fully at least by the age of 7, everything interiorly and exteriorly that we intellectually / psychologically / emotionally / behaviorally do or do not do, is what we freely choose to want (even if only partly wanting to).

In other words, we WANT to freely choose, interiorly and exteriorly, to act and not act the way that we do, in all situations, in every moment, to the extent that we are not objectively physically impeded outside of our control.


We freely psychologically choose, interiorly and exteriorly, to do and not do what we believe will benefit us, in other words, be a good for us, in some way shape and form.

This is how all human beings rightly function, whether we know this about ourselves and are attentive to how we function or not.

We freely choose to emotionally feel (or not feel), think (or not think), believe (or not believe), expect (or not expect), want/desire (or don't want/desire), like, dislike, be attracted to or not, and externally do or not do anything, because we believe it is a good in some way, even if we are objectively wrong and it is objectively not a good in some way.

Therefore, when it comes to sin (any interior or exterior bad behavior, i.e. absence of Truth or Love/Virtue), we always want to sin in the ways that we do, whether interiorly or exteriorly, while in some way rationalizing how it's good or right for us and/or others, and not wrong or bad for us and/or others.

This is simply the way human beings function.


For anyone who's head just flew off their body and smashed into the floor...

For anyone who just over-reacted and freaked out...

For anyone who expects themselves or anyone else to be perfect...

For anyone who is prideful, selfish, and afraid...and thinks they are always right...

For anyone who's afraid and worried about sin because they believe lies about sin, God, perfection, maliciousness, responsibility, and/or culpability...

...This section is dedicated to you.

One Truth does not negate another. 

Anyone who unawaringly rationalizes (a sin of pride and selfishness) that they "should be", aka it is good or necessary to be: feeling, thinking, believing, expecting, wanting/desiring, liking, being attracted to, saying, or doing anything: dysfunctional, wrong, bad, mean, uncharitable, unloving, disrespectful, irrational, false, illogical, unreasonable, evil, harmful, etc., means that they are NOT being malicious, may NOT be fully culpable, and may or may NOT be mortally sinning.

Maliciousness, levels of culpability, and degrees of sin, depends on factors such as but not limited to, whether the person truly wants the truth or not and is trying to seek the truth or not, what the person can understand, how the person was treated and educated as a child, what kind of bad examples the person was shown and influenced by as a child, what the person truly knows and doesn't know, what the person truly can remember and cannot remember, etc. 

All people with any vice, with any idolatry/addiction, who are labeled with any psychological disorder (rightly or wrongly), who are possessed in any degree, or who are negatively reacting to a negative influence by anyone in any way, always still have and are using their free will to choose, even when they are "blinded by their sin", irrational, confused, ignorant, and/or "blinded by a demon", etc.

Regardless if there is no maliciousness, regardless of the level of culpability or the degree of sin, everyone still has to take responsibility for their free will to choose, blame themselves, and fully repent of wanting what comes from them...or no good change will occur and things will get worse.


Yes, all of our psychological emotions and feelings are morally qualifiable, (brute animals CANNOT have psychological emotions and feelings), being that all psychological emotions and feelings are abstract concepts that are either directly caused by, or failed to be checked and regulated by, our intellect and free will to choose.

Until we accept the Truth and admit that we WANT TO sin (have bad behavior) and repent of wanting to (be sorry for wanting to and choose to stop wanting to), both in general and in each detailed way, we will never change for the better nor be able to stop our interior and exterior behaviors that are sins, nor stop and prevent our bad/sinful emotional suffering.  Thereby we will be choosing to sinfully emotionally suffer more and more now and in the future.

We make ourselves sinfully emotionally suffer...because we WANT TO badly emotionally suffer...because we believe we should be having our particular bad emotional suffering every time we do...because we wrongly believe we are right about everything we feel, think, believe, expect want/desire, like, dislike, and are attracted to, even when we are wrong.

Any time you have any negative emotion, ask yourself the question, Do I think I should be feeling ___? (worried, afraid, stressed, angry, upset, hurt, offended, bad, unhappy, etc.)

Use the following "The Big 5" prayer formulas as the case may be...

"Jesus I'm sorry I WANT to X (feel, think, believe, expect, want/desire, like, be attracted to, say, do), heal me, fill me with Your Graces, Virtues, Love, and Truth to replace X, show me Your Truth about X, Thank You Jesus for Your Healing, Truth, and Love."

"Jesus I'm sorry I DON'T WANT to X (feel, think, believe, expect, want/desire, like, be attracted to, say, do), heal me, fill me with Your Graces, Virtues, Love, and Truth to replace X, show me Your Truth about X, Thank You Jesus for Your Healing, Truth, and Love."


We are Not an innocent victim, we are Not The Savior, we are our own persecutor.

 Jesus Loves you!

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