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Psychology is correctly defined as the study of the soul and psychiatry is
correctly defined as the healing of the soul, as both are originally defined
in the Greek and Latin.
True Psychology is the Study of the Soul: intellect (mind) and free will, which includes all that the Soul's free will and intellect chooses both interiorly and exteriorly.
This means that True Psychology is "Moral Theology", which is the study of true vs false, right vs wrong, virtue vs vice.
Modern psychology and psychiatry does NOT believe or teach in their existence, which makes modern psychology and psychiatry a fake science.
The study and education of the existence of complete and permanent healing of all psychological disorders, through the study and education of the use of the intellect & free will powers of the human psy; i. e. soul to use rational logic & reason to seek, recognize, and practice the existence of objective Truth and Love.
Intellectually choosing to search for, recognize, accept, believe, & live what is objective Truth & Love in order to replace what one is intellectually choosing that is irrational/false & unloving/disrespectful, in order to break free from the habitual sequence of irrational behaviors; we call psychological: struggles, disorders, addictions, or emotional trauma.
Yes. As evidenced by...​
1. All humanity would always need access to the human being who has the Truth and is Loving.​
Or, All humanity would be born with & always have all Truth & Love. We would not need to learn Truth & how to be Loving, nor receive Love.​
2. Particular Truths & ways of being Loving exist even when I & others do not know the Truth & are not Loving ourselves & others.
1. We dislike when we are lied to. In general we want others to be honest with us/tell us the Truth. ​
​2. We think, feel, and want to believe that everything we perceive and believe is right and true, even when it is false and unloving.
3. We want to be agreed with. We don't like when we are wrong, don't want to be wrong, or be seen as wrong.
Choosing to think irrationally in response to our experiences, which causes us to choose to have irrational psychological emotions and feelings and choose irrational external actions, all of which lead to unpleasant physical symptoms (psychosomatic).

illogical ​





Theology of the Soul, is True Psychology© in that all psychology (the study of the soul)
and psychiatry (the healing of the soul), which rightly cannot be separated from The Objective Truth and Love (the origin of each Human Soul and all material matter)
and the study of Objective Truth and Love (Moral Theology), make Theology of the Soul the true and correct study and treatment of the interior psychological intellectual (includes emotional) spiritual life of human beings and how this manifests physically and exteriorly.
All human beings are a composite of only 2 Parts, a Body and a Soul.
Our Intellect (mind) is only a power of our Soul, and NOT our brain.
Our brain is only a member of our Body, NOT our Soul.
Our Body is our physical/material and mortal part of our self and our Soul is our spiritual/immaterial immortal part of our self.
We are a Body and Soul.
Our Soul is the form of and animator of our entire body, which includes the brain.
Our Soul is primary to our body (including brain).
Our soul is our person hood. Our soul is what makes us a person.
Our soul is immaterial and immortal. Our soul will continue to exist for eternity after our body dies.
Our Soul has several powers, the two most important, which are psychological, are our intellect and free will to choose, of which NO other mammal has.
Our Soul, particularly our intellect and free will powers, is how we understand, reason, and Intellectually: think, desire, feel, and make choices.
Our intellect and free will powers of our Soul function apart from our body and brain and therefore do NOT need our body or brain in order to function. However problems with the brain and body can inhibit and hinder our Soul from being used to its full capacity and expression.
Our intellect is a power of our Soul that is inseparable from our free will to choose, that we are created with.
Our intellect is NOT the brain.
Our intellect is how we critically and abstractly think, feel, desire, and reason.
Our intellect is how we are both rational/logical/realistic, and irrational/illogical/unrealistic (modern English use to mean the absence of being correct, right, logical)
Our intellect combined with our free will is how we are able to choose to be self-aware, are creative for the sake of creativity, choose to have self-control, choose to give love (without fear) when we are given evil, and can choose the opposite of what we feel and want/desire.
With our intellect and free will, we make all of our interior and exterior choices/acts or actions.
Our interior intellectual choices/acts include our: thoughts, beliefs, expectations, wants/desires, like/dislikes, attractions, and their resulting psychological emotions and feelings.
Our free will is a power of our soul that is inseparable from our intellect, that we are created with.
Our free will is how we make all of our choices that are: internally intellectual / psychological, including emotional, and externally physical.
Anytime you consciously choose to do or choose not to do anything with your intellect (mind) or your body, you are choosing to do so with your free will, whether you are self-aware or remember, or not.
Reactions without forethought, including emotional reactions, whether habitual or not, are still chosen by your free will. Lacking in self-control does not negate you using your free will to choose.
Doing nothing is a free will choice.
Having a good memory or being self-aware of doing or not doing something is NOT necessary for your interior and exterior acts to still be freely chosen.
No matter what influences, pressures, threats, or temptations are done to you, you always have the free will to choose either, no or yes.
choosing to think irrationally; aka believe & expect what is false, in response to our experiences, which causes to choose to have irrational psychological emotions & feelings, all of which leads to choosing unhelpful & harmful external actions. All of which lead to psychosomatic physical symptoms.
All human beings can and do mental telepathy with the spiritual world, whether they know they are doing so or not.

Mental telepathy is simply the ability to intellectually hear or to intellectually choose to connect our mind of our intellect of our Soul with another soul or souls in the non-material spiritual world. When we choose to do this with The Divine/God or anyone fully united with Him such as our "guardian angel" or a saint recognized by the Catholic Church, it is known by the term "prayer". The term "Contemplative Prayer" is the term used to mean choosing to listen to The Divine/God or someone fully united with Him speak to us.

If and when a thought suddenly occurs or "pops" into our conscious-awareness and we truly did not choose to think with our free will, this occurs because we are hearing someone speak to us from the spiritual world, either The Divine/God or someone (an angel or deceased human being) united with Him, or we are hearing an evil spirit (demon) who is completely separated from The Divine/God. This is what modern psychology and psychiatry wrongly label as "auditory hallucinations".
Why would you think no emotion can be a sin?

[This is not rhetorical, I really what to know what you the reader thinks.]

I will answer the original question through the following:

Do demons exist? YES!

Are demons completely evil? YES!

Are demons sinning in everything they do? YES!

Are demons angry? YES!

Are demons afraid? YES!

Therefore obviously anger and fear have to be sins.

Good begets good.

Evil begets evil.

Sin begets sin.

How are our bad/uncharitable psychological emotions and feelings caused by our Soul: intellect and free will to choose?

Sinful attractions / likes / dislikes

sinful wants / desires

sinful expectations

sinful beliefs

sinful thoughts

other sinful emotions

Sinful beliefs, thoughts, expectations, wants/desires, attractions, likes, and dislikes, BEGET: sinful emotions and sinful external words and actions.

Sinful emotions BEGET sinful external words and actions.

Therefore, many of our emotions and feelings ARE sins.
Where did you learn your Scriptural interpretations, because you did not make them up and you did not get them out of a "cracker jack box"?

You have been taught your interpretations by men who project their sins onto God in order to rationalize that their anger is not a sin. I have even heard it repeatedly from the pulpit by clergy who have anger problems and act like bullies when they don't get their way.

You also learned the lie "anger is not a sin" by default from modern psychology and psychiatry who does NOT believe in sin, nor demons, nor the Soul, nor God.

A. "Jesus in the Temple with a Bull whip"....What you said proves my first point about Scripture interpretation and proves that you don't know Scripture very well, because real Scripture NEVER says that Christ was angry, it said that Christ had "Zeal", which is a virtue and has nothing to do with human anger.

AND Scripture NEVER says that Christ hit anyone with the whip. And there is NO tone of voice in Scripture and the original authors of Scripture used NO punctuation.

B. There are 4 assumptions you first have to believe for your stated interpretation of "God is slow to anger" to be True:

1. that being sinners we can believe we are already functioning just like God; meaning just because God can do it, we are able to do it too and not sin.

This is false. Since we know God does not sin, it is an assumption to believe that since God can do it, if we do it that means we are not sinning. That is a rationalization that you have learned to do from other adults when you were younger.

2. that the English or any other language translation of Scripture is flawless, which even the Church herself does not agree with.

3. that your interpretation (that you learned from other humans who are NOT Church teaching) is accurate without checking it with Church doctrine, which is what protestants do.

4. that the writers of Scripture "spoke" and "thought" and "used words", like we Americans do in modern English....which would have to be true (and it's NOT true) in order for the Scripture "God is slow to anger" to mean what you and all the English speaking Americans from the 20th century think it means who want to rationalize their anger as not a sin.

C. "God is slow to anger" cannot be assumed to mean "God gets angry but it takes him a while." no more than the JW's (Jehovah's Witnesses) believing that Christ is NOT equal to God the Father "because Jesus directly said so" is an accurate interpretation of Scripture. And there are dozens and dozens of other examples I can give to show this point, which there is not space for here.

D. 16 Scripture Verses which show clearly that anger IS a sin are:

1. "Be not quickly angry: for anger resteth in the bosom of a fool." Ecclesiastes 7:10, Douay-Rheims

2. "You know, my dearest brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger. For the anger of man worketh not the justice of God." James 1:19-20 Douay-Rheims

3. "The proud and the arrogant is called ignorant, who in anger worketh pride." Proverbs 21:24 Douay-Rheims

4. "A stone is heavy, and sand weighty: but the anger of a fool is heavier than them both. Anger hath no mercy, nor fury when it breaketh forth: and who can bear the violence of one provoked?" Proverbs 27:3-4 Douay-Rheims

5. "Remove anger from thy heart, and put away evil from thy flesh. For youth and pleasure are vain." Ecclesiastes 11:10 Douay-Rheims

6. "There is a lying rebuke in the anger of an injurious man: and there is a judgment that is not allowed to be good: and there is one that holdeth his peace, he is wise."
Ecclesiastes 19:28 Douay-Rheims

7. "How much better is it to reprove, than to be angry, and not to hinder him that confesseth in prayer." Ecclesiastes 20:1 Douay-Rheims

8. "Envy and anger shorten a man's days, and pensiveness will bring old age before the time." Ecclesiastes 30:26 Douay-Rheims

9. "Charity is patient, is kind: charity envieth not, dealeth not perversely; is not puffed up; Is not ambitious, seeketh not her own, is not provoked to anger, thinketh no evil;" 1 Corinthians 13:4-5 Douay-Rheims

10. "And you, fathers, provoke not your children to anger; but bring them up in the discipline and correction of the Lord." Ephesians 6:4 Douay-Rheims

11. "But now put you also all away: anger, indignation, malice, blasphemy, filthy speech out of your mouth." Colossians 3:8 Douay-Rheims

12. "Whereunto I am appointed a preacher and an apostle, (I say the truth, I lie not,) a doctor of the Gentiles in faith and truth. I will therefore that men pray in every place, lifting up pure hands, without anger and contention." 1 Timothy 2:7-8 Douay-Rheims

13. "For a bishop must be without crime, as the steward of God: not proud, not subject to anger, not given to wine, no striker, not greedy of filthy lucre:" Titus 1:7 Douay-Rheims

14. "Man to man reserveth anger, and doth he seek remedy of God? He hath no mercy on a man like himself, and doth he entreat for his own sins? He that is but flesh, nourisheth anger, and doth he ask forgiveness of God? who shall obtain pardon for his sins? Remember thy last things, and let enmity cease: For corruption and death hang over in his commandments. Remember the fear of God, and be not angry with thy neighbour." Ecclesiastes 28:3-8 Douay-Rheims

15. "Anger and fury are both of them abominable, and the sinful man shall be subject to them." Ecclesiastes 27:33 Douay-Rheims

16. “Fear is not in charity: but perfect charity casteth out fear, because fear hath pain. And he that feareth, is not perfected in charity.” 1 John 4:18, Douay-Rheims

E. Since one Truth doesn't negate another, we are misinterpreting the "God is slow to anger" verse, including the misinterpreting the: "Be angry, and sin not. Let not the sun go down upon your anger." Ephesians 4:26. For all the other verses I have quoted contradict the interpretation that "anger is not a sin", plus the fact that just a few verses later in Ephesians 4:31, St. Paul states: "Let all bitterness, and anger, and indignation, and clamour, and blasphemy, be put away from you, with all malice."

F. Another Truth that supports what I am sharing with you is that the correct theological term in English for what God experiences that the English translations call "anger" or "wrath" is "Righteous-Indignation" which "indignation" is used through out the Old-Testament only along with the word "anger" referring to God in the Douay-Rheims. This does NOT feel like the "anger" that we humans feel.

Righteous-Indignation includes: deep grieving over an evil, NO selfishness, NO hurt feelings, NO fear, NOT being controlling, NO unrealistic expectations, and loving and caring about the other person's well being more than your own at the same time.

Therefore, I agree that people do call it "righteous anger" vs. "sinful anger", but the huge problem with this is that almost every human including you, uses this to rationalize that their anger is not a sin when it ALWAYS is...UNLESS you and they are ready for the canonization papers to arrive in the mail directly from the Vatican.

This is a similar confusion like with "Fear of the Lord" vs. "Do not be afraid". We are dealing with English vocabulary that is insufficient. The Church clearly teaches that "Fear of the Lord" means things like Respect and Obedience.

G. Also, "God's Wrath" in the Old Testament, We cannot even assume that the word "wrath" in English is an accurate translation because "wrath" is one of the 7 deadly sins as stated directly by the Catholic Church. Therefore God cannot have it like we humans do.

H. And best of all: I can prove that every single time you or anyone else I have ever met feels: irritated, frustrated, bugged, annoyed, put-out, pissed-off, mad, angry, furious, or enraged, that we are sinning just by me using the person's: wants/desires, expectations, beliefs, and thoughts that cause these degrees of emotion.

Bottom Line:

It is wrong to compare ourselves to God and think just because God does something that means we can too...or that we are functioning sinless like God is.

It is wrong to believe that our English vocabulary with the way we 20th century people understand the words are automatically an accurate explanation for Scripture.

It is wrong to believe that the original writers of any Scripture spoke and thought and used words like we do.

FYI: Until you are willing to agree that your anger is always a sin and be sorry for it and confess it to Jesus Christ; you will never become healed by Him, because we cannot be sorry for nor forgiven of, nor healed of, what we think is not a sin.

I highly recommend, that you do the Prayer for Healing on your belief: "anger in itself is not a sin" =

"Jesus I am sorry that I want to believe that "anger in itself is not a sin", please heal me, fill me with Your graces, virtues, and love to replace this desire and belief, show me the Truth you want me to know about this, and show me Why I want to believe this. Thank You."
Your question has the same reference as if you had asked:

“What’s the point of obeying God; loving God; receiving His Peace and Contentment, and feeling His Love and fulfillment while here on earth, and being united with Him for eternity in ecstasy, if so many people aren’t and they believe that I am just like them?”

“I’d rather just disobey God; reject God; hate God; be as selfish and ignorant as possible on this planet and go to hell suffering in horrible torment for eternity, because everyone else is already expecting it in the first place!”

This perspective and attitude is the maturity level of a 5 year old...but when we are an adult, this perspective and attitude is more sinful.

So what’s the point of obeying God; loving God; receiving God’s Peace and Contentment, and feeling His Love and fulfillment while here on earth, and being united with Him for eternity in ecstasy, (and possibly skipping a lot or all of suffering purification time) if so many people aren’t going to be Loving to me on earth?

You tell me!

This question shows that the only reason that you do anything right or good is in order to try and get Love from human beings, which is a FUTILE goal, is a selfish using goal, and shows that you don’t care about being Loving toward others for their sake, while hypocritically wanting others to care about Truth and be Loving to you for yours.

Don’t worry, I used to be like this too and most human beings are the same!

Marriage is what broke me of this sinfulness and gave me big reality checks on this sinful perspective and attitude.

I hope this is where you say, “enough said”!

Pray the following prayers daily:

“Jesus I am sorry that I only want to be a good person and be loving and obey You if everyone else is too and are going to believe that I am a good person and loving and obeying You....please heal me, fill me with Your Graces, Virtues, and Love, show me Your Truth, and give me Your Humility and Wisdom to recognize and accept and live Your Truth/Love/Virtues, Thank You.”

“Jesus I am sorry that I want to disobey You; reject You, and be an ignorant prideful lying selfish user if many other human beings are going to expect and believe that is how I am anyway....please heal me, fill me with Your Graces, Virtues, and Love, show me Your Truth, and give me Your Humility and Wisdom to recognize and accept and live Your Truth/Love/Virtues, Thank You.”

"Jesus I am sorry that I want to blame everyone and everything else for feeling unloved, please heal me, fill me with Your Graces, Virtues, and Love, show me Your Truth about how I am the sole cause of myself feeling unloved, and give me Your Humility and Wisdom to recognize and accept and live your Truth/Love/Virtues, Thank You."

Jesus Christ Loves you! When you get all of your sins healed you are going to make an AWESOME SAINT!
Your questions have both Truth in them and falsehood sneakily within them, so bear with me while I explain:

Modern Psychology teaches that we need to focus only on the positives and only focus on what is good about ourselves in order to make ourselves feel good / happy. This is only partly True and mostly false.

True self-awareness means being aware of ALL that is both good and bad about ourselves. And you and all of us have great things about us, but all of which only come from God. And I agree that there are a lot of good things about you that you are probably not aware of yet and need to be.

However, you primarily and/or only talking about and focusing on your good qualities will be a WASTE OF TIME....and will only lead you to sin more in: pride, selfishness, arrogance, self-righteousness, etc., which will cause you more suffering, NOT make you feel good about yourself other than instant gratification, which is all that you are most likely used to.

Why is primarily and/or only talking about and focusing on your good qualities a waste of time?

Because the ONLY way you are going to permanently feel good about yourself in any way and feel: peace, contentment, fulfillment, loved, etc. and stop feeling bad in any way (anger, fear, anxiety, exhausted, hurt, offended, lonely, rejected, etc) is for you to learn how to become self-aware of everything false and unloving inside of you that is NOT Truth or Love or Virtues and get them permanently removed through the "Lasting Healing Psychology" Method, which TOS teaches.

As soon as you stop working on and changing what is interiorly wrong with you, and start focusing on your self "glorification", you are going to harm, NOT help yourself. And this is EXACTLY what evil spirits want. And is exactly what Modern Psychology teaches.

The only way we can always feel good about ourselves no matter what, is to learn and practice daily what we need to do in order to base our value and worth ONLY on God and NOT on our "good qualities", nor "our successes", nor "any human opinions", nor "affirmations" and learn what it really means to be a Loving/Respectful person and practice being one. How to do this is taught as part of the "True Psychology" course, which TOS offers.

(If you are interested in how you can learn "True Psychology" and the "Lasting Healing Psychology" method, please let me know by using the form on our "Contact" page.)

Your intellectual sins (what is false and unloving) are what is causing you to feel bad about yourself; i.e. not feel good about yourself, which is false and unloving toward yourself.

Your intellectual sins (what is false and unloving) are what is causing you to NOT always feel loved; i.e. feel unloved, which is false and unloving toward yourself.

Your intellectual sins (what is false and unloving) are what is causing you to feel alone / lonely, which is false and unloving toward yourself.

Your intellectual sins (what is false and unloving) are what is causing you to feel rejected / unaccepted, which is false and unloving toward yourself.

Your intellectual sins (what is false and unloving) are causing you to feel bad emotional suffering, which is false and unloving toward yourself.

God IS Truth.

God IS Love/Virtues.

Truth, Love, and Virtues can NEVER be separated. Because God cannot be separated from Himself.

So when we don't have the Truth (moral) / i.e. we: are attracted to/like, want/desire, expect, believe, think, feel...what is false / irrational / unrealistic / anti-God / unloving) we are not and cannot be loving toward ourselves or toward others; so we are being unloving, which is what sin is, which causes our bad emotional suffering and which make us not like ourselves and feel bad about ourselves.

So when we are unloving in some way, we don't have the Truth (moral), therefore we: are attracted to/like, want/desire, expect believe, think, and feel...what is false / irrational / unrealistic / anti-God / unloving, which are what "sin" is, which cause our bad emotional suffering and which make us not like ourselves and feel bad about ourselves.

So you see, you have to primarily work on removing all that is false and unloving from inside you / your Soul, if you want to always feel good about yourself, always feel Loved, stop feeling alone, stop feeling rejected, and stop feeling bad emotional suffering.
There are 5 basic categories of emotions: mad, glad, sad, afraid, and surprised. All of our human psychological emotions and feelings, regardless of their name or degree, fall into one of these five categories.
In human beings who are able to use their intellect in abstract ways (those who are not hindered by level of brain or chromosomal development [e.g. babies/toddlers] or damage [e.g. Down Syndrome]), all of our mad and afraid psychological emotions and feelings in all names and degrees are bad; aka a sin; the absence of Righteous Indignation/Zeal and Love/Charity, including distrust in God.
[This person has a history of major depression]

In my professional view, the lithium or any other psychotropic medication affects on the brain directly interferes with one's intellectual ability to be able to properly process emotions and feelings and to become self-aware of all that is intellectually causing the depression, etc., thereby preventing the person from being open to and completely cooperating with receiving lasting healing from all layers of intellectual actions that are causing the said disorder.
Any and all so called "positive" affects of psychotropic medications are only superficial and temporary, just like any illicit drug. They are instant gratification that will wear off while one grows slowly worse under the false sense of being helped, thereby greater suffering will occur sooner or later. They prevent proper processing and use of temporary emotional suffering and as such keep human beings in a state of psychological/spiritual ignorance and intellectual sloth, thereby preventing full cooperation with God in order to receiving lasting healing of evil emotional suffering.
The best course of action in order to receive Lasting Healing of major depression and all psychological disorders, is to utilize the Lasting Healing Psychology Method (LHP) taught through the Theology Of the Soul, while weaning off all psychotropic medications under a doctor's supervision.


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