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Becoming a member of TOS gives you access to many helpful handouts of: healing steps, explanations, prayers, and other information for personal and educational from the "10 Steps to Lasting Healing" (LH Psychology Method). Simply maintain the logo and copyright on each handout when printing, copying and sharing. In addition, as a member of TOS, you receive access to the "Ask an Expert" page, where a trained professional will directly answer any specific psychological question(s) you may have free of charge. 

 After you fill out the short Membership Form below and click submit, then scroll up in order to see the "welcome message" with the password to access the "Handouts" and "Ask an Expert" pages. Then either go over and click on one of these specific pages in the sub-menu for this page, or scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on either the green "Handouts" or red "Ask an Expert" button link.

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