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Are you looking for a purpose greater than yourself and to be a direct part of an original and unique Mission and Grass Roots Movement that will make a real lasting difference throughout your community, your country, and the world?  Looking for a fulfilling way to give back and leave a lasting impact on humanity to make the world a better place?
Then this is Divine Providence !
We are looking for motivated people who want to partner with us in this great cause! 
Please email L K Miller  at contact@theologyofthesoul.org  and we'll be in touch with you as soon as possible.  -OR-  simply send any amount through secure Zelle to, First Citizens Bank using the email laramiller3@hotmail.com in order to help us bring Lasting Healing to all the Suffering Souls around the World!   Any amount will be greatly appreciated.

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From anywhere in the world, if you like the work we are doing at TOS and want to help us reach and educate more people on True Psychology©, Lasting Healing Psychology©, and the LHP Method: 10 Steps to Lasting Healing© in order to receive Lasting Healing of all emotional struggles and trauma, and all psychological suffering and disorders; including addictions (vices), and distorted attractions and gender confusion,
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Your generosity of time, talent, or treasure will help to continue to establish and accomplish the mission and movement projects of
Theology Of the Soul Psychological Institute.

Please also keep us in your prayers as we continue the work on further establishing the Theology Of the Soul Psychology Institute
and launching our educational and personal help resources.

May God bless you abundantly for your prayers, help, and support! 
You and your loved ones will always be in our prayers and sacrifices!  

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Current and Future Projects

on True Psychology© and Lasting Healing Psychology© with the LHP Method: 10 Steps to Lasting Healing©

Creating & Writing

of various books, articles, and handouts for: the classroom, retreats, seminars, conferences, and home settings

Speaking Engagements

both in person and virtual, private and public, in the forms of: radio & podcast interviews, event booths, lectures, workshops, seminars, and retreats

Multimedia Education

in the forms of: Memes, Power Points, Videos on Youtube, Facebook, Bitchute, & Rumble, audio CDs, DVD series, ebooks, and webinars

University, Seminary, and Online Courses

as well as Continuing Education for Psyc. Professionals, Caregivers, Clergy, and Healthcare & Medical Professionals
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