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Caused By Faith

Caused By Faith

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Since it's NOT a physical biological problem...the physical biological is NOT the solution [Image by kalhh from Pixabay]

Hey Baptized Catholics...You won't go to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass daily but you'll do Yoga, Tai-Chi, or the weight room religiously. You won't do Contemplative Prayer in Eucharistic Adoration but you'll do daily new age relaxation meditation and "positive self-talk". You won't go to Confession for free but you'll pay to go to therapy. You won't believe in and receive Jesus the Eucharist but you'll take costly psychotropic medications.

Hey Baptized Catholics, I used to be one of you. I used the same age old blaming rationalizations as to why I left the Church and rejected Jesus the Christ that you are using now.

I am the therapist you pay to "make you feel better", instead of you asking God to make you self-aware of, repenting of and confessing your sins (that are causing your suffering and problems) to Christ Jesus in order to receive healing of your emotional and psychological suffering and learn how to resolve all your problems.

We've been taught by Modern Psychology and Psychiatry the lies that our feelings and psychological disorders are not our own freely chosen fault.  We refuse to want to believe and know how we are wrong.  We refuse to want to believe and know how any of our behaviors are bad.  We refuse to want to believe and know how we need God and we are not Him. 

All because we believe a plethora of lies about God and the demons influencing us whom we refuse to want to believe exist. 

Your faith and trust has caused this. Your faith and trust in modern Psychology and Psychiatry. Your faith and trust in Big Pharma. Your faith and trust in Doctors. Your faith and trust in the News Media. Your faith and trust in government. Your faith and trust in the phrases: "the study shows", "the research found", "the study finds", "the research says". Your faith and trust in yourself that you already have enough of the Truth to make the right decisions. Your faith and trust in everything but Jesus Christ and His Sacraments of His Catholic Church.

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