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Debunk Homosexual Madness in 2 Minutes

Debunk Homosexual Madness in 2 Minutes

Thursday, March 22, 2018

What do you think about homosexuality?, the doctor asked.

I was at a dinner party one Friday evening where I met a delightful young man who is a surgeon in one of the largest metropolitan cities in the world.  He and I had been having a wonderful time in conversation together.  Toward the end of the evening the surgeon had become intoxicated and suddenly turned to me and said, I’m actively gay and consider myself Catholic (Roman), I heard from our hostess that you are very Catholic, what do you think of homosexuality?

I said a little prayer, and looked at him with a gentle smile and asked, You’re a doctor, right?  Yes, I’m a surgeon he said.  Then you know a lot about science, I said.  Of course, he declared proudly.  Can I ask you some scientific questions?, I asked.  Of course, he responded happily.

Me: When a male and a male try to have sexual intercourse, do their genital parts (a penis and a penis) naturally fit together?

Surgeon: No, of course not.

Me: Is an anal opening naturally designed/created only to have feces come out of it or to have a penis inserted into it?

Surgeon: To have feces come out of it, (he said with a smirk).

Me: When a male and a female have sexual intercourse, do the genital parts (a penis and a vagina) naturally fit together?

Surgeon: Yes.

Me: Is the basic primary natural design function of the genital parts to procreate; reproduce the species?

Surgeon: Yes.

Me: With a male and a female, the scientific fact that the genital parts fit together and can procreate (all things being healthy) is this called being functional?

Surgeon: Yes.

Me: If a male and a male together, or a female and a female together, try to put there genital parts together, since they don’t naturally fit and will NEVER be able to procreate together, even if both two people are healthy enough to do so, is this called being functional?

Surgeon: No.

Me: Therefore it is “non-functional”?

Surgeon: Yes.

Me: Are the words: “non-functional” and “dysfunctional” the same?

Surgeon: Yes (with a curious look).

Me: Then wouldn't that make homosexual sexual behavior “dysfunctional”?

Surgeon: Yes (with jaw dropped in a look of surprise).

Me: You asked me what I think about homosexuality; I agree with science.

Surgeon: That makes sense; I can’t disagree with that.

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