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Ichin For Another Schism

Ichin For Another Schism

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

For all who feel scandalized or offended...by any sinful / evil behaviors of Church Leadership

Holy Spirit please help me understand what I am about to read:

Jesus Christ chose 12 men as the leadership of His Church, many of whom were some of the biggest public sinners in their entire Jewish Culture.

Jesus Christ chose Judas as one of the top leaders of His Church; knowing full well that Judas was a thief, bad example, and would betray Him.

Peter, the first "Pope", the absolute head of Jesus Christ's Church, verbally disagreed with Christ's ultimate destination, and DENIED the knowledge of Christ 3 times. 

There is very rarely, if ever sinless perfect leadership!

Jesus Christ knows that we are all big sinners; as well as what sins we will be committing in the future. 

Both the leadership and laity of the Catholic Church and ALL sects, cults, and other "religions" have always been and always will be FULL OF SINNERS.

This is NOT how we decide what Religion is from God; nor what is and is not Objective Truth.

There is a huge difference between Who God IS and His Objective Truth on Who He Is and Morality, VERSUS sinful human beings who God WANTS to be in charge.

Do you know why God wants sinful humans to be in charge of His Religion? Because sinful humans are the only option.

In addtion, God appoints each and every person's vocation for their own sake to further their sanctification and obtain salvation; NOT just for the sake of others. And woe to the leadership who fail to work on their sanctification and fail to achieve salvation and bring others down with them.

Furthermore, the leadership are NOT the only ones responsible for knowing and teaching the Truth. We are all responsible, whether we are part of the leadership or not, to not only teach the Truth, but also to give fraternal correction in speaking the Truth with Charity when necessary, even to the leadership; whether the other person wants to hear the Truth or not. To fail to do so is uncharitable.

We need to learn how to separate human sinfulness from Jesus Christ and His Objective Truth. This includes stop blaming our feelings on the other sinners. And stop thinking that we are so righteous compared to them. How many times have we sinned against Jesus Christ and His Church? Stop comparing ourselves "down" to whom we think are bigger sinners and start comparing ourselves "up" to who is holier than us.

And people say to me, "But it's hard to separate sinful humans from Christ and His Truth"!

Something is only emotionally "hard" when we don't want to do it!  What we want to do is emotionally easy. So this is no excuse! 

Tell Jesus Christ, "I'm sorry I don't want to separate the sins of human beings from You and Your Truth; heal me; show me Your Truth; and give me Your Humility and Grace to want to separate human beings' sinfulness from You and Your Truth, show me how to do so, and help me to do so; Thank You!"

If you think that you need to have perfect leadership who always know and teach the Objective Truth of the written teachings, doctrines, and dogmas of Jesus Christ's Catholic Church, and/or you feel scandalized or offended by the sins of the leadership, then you have several big sins that YOU are committing:

1. You are failing to do your responsibility of DISCERNMENT and SEARCHING FOR TRUTH.

2. You are blaming the leadership for your failure to do #1. 

3. You are blaming your feelings of making yourself feel scandalized and/or offended, on the other person. [No one can take a feeling and stick it inside of you.]

4. You are hypocritically and unrealistically expecting the leadership to be perfect while you are not, which is called perfectionsim in psychology.

I do not and will never trust any Catholic Church leadership to know or teach the Truth, nor do I need them to do so in order to be a Catholic. Because Christ and His Truth are separate from sinful human beings....Here is my experience:

One day when I was 28 years old I was willing to speak to a priest and go to Confession for the first time since I had left and renounced the Catholic Church about 11 years prior. The priest asked me, "Are you looking for a religion where everyone is perfectly lovingly all the time?"  I said excitedly, "Yes!", "Do you know where it is?"  He said, "Unfortunately, no, I don't know, but if you ever find it, don't join." I reacted, "What!?, and why not!?"  "Because", he said, "if you join YOU will ruin it for everyone else." 

I about died! My jaw felt like it hit the floor, and for the first time in my life, I received a big reality check of how much of a hypocrite and perfectionist from hell I was. A reality check which was only possible due to the Sacrament of Confession. For the first time in about 11 years, I was in the state of grace and could receive Truth and the first glimse of humility from God.

About a week later, I walked into what they call "The Port"; the Eucharistic Adoration chapel on the Catholic Campus of  Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio. I still did not believe in the Catholic Church being from Jesus Christ Himself, or that Jesus Christ IS the Eucharist. I sat down and looked at what is called a Monstrance [google it] and I said, "Jesus, I do NOT believe at all that this is You. So if this IS You, then you need to show me."  Then I just sat there expecting nothing.

Within what didn't seem like a minute, I had the most amazing supernatural  experience, with no words to describe it, that Jesus Christ IS the Eucharist that I HAD to believe it. Which Religion is the ONLY Religion that believes and has "Jesus Christ The Eucharist"?...The Catholic Church of Rome and The Eastern Orthodox Church.

I know what I experienced, and this is why I chose (again) to become Catholic. Therefore, there is NO demon, NOR human being, I don't care how evil they are, who I will blame as scandalizing or offending me into rejecting Jesus Christ and His One Truth Church.

From the age of 7 to adulthood, we are all responsible for whether or not we know how to discern, recognize, and accept Objective Truth. And as adults, it is NO ONE else's responsibility except for ourselves. If we don't know how to discern, recognize, and accept Objective Truth on Who God Is and Morality, without some other sinful human being telling it to us, then here is the minimum that WE are failing to do:

1. Daily, "Jesus I am sorry that my perspectives and attitudes, priorities and judgements, and wants and desires on reality are always wrong, heal me, show me Your Truth, and give me Your Humility to recognize and accept Your Truth, and give me Your perspectives and attitudes, priorities and judgements, and wants and desires on everything; thank You."

2. Ask Jesus Christ to make us self-aware of all our errors/sins in what we: are attracted to, like and dislike, want/desire, expect, believe, think, and feel...and ask Jesus Christ to show us what is His Truth to replace all of our wrong: attractions, likes, dislikes, wants/desires, expectations, beliefs, thoughts, and feelings.

3. Do "Contemplative Prayer" DAILY with Jesus Christ in Eucharistic Adoration...giving our time and complete undivided attention JUST BEING WITH CHRIST in His Real Presence, asking Him one question at a time and listening to Him in SILENCE, while thinking about NOTHING but His Presence and any Truth that you hear from Him!

4. Do Discernment of Spirits: Ask Jesus Christ daily to teach us and show us how to recognize the difference between Him and His angels and Saints speaking, versus a demon, versus our own thoughts.

5. Ask for External Confirmation from Jesus Christ outside of what we think!  We have to ask Jesus Christ to give us external confirmation outside of what we personally think we know and what we think we hear...as to what His Truth is...especially His Truth on which Religion is His final human authority that He protects from writing error in teaching, doctrine, and dogma...[this is different from the leadership writing and speaking error personally and individually]. External confirmation is NOT searching for or interpreting a "sign"; it will be clear and direct. We cannot control the external confirmation; we will not know when or from where this confirmation will come.

If we fail to do 1-5, then we will end up believing all kinds of lies that people and demons tell us.

Please let us pray and sacrifice for our clergy and all Church leadership!

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